Renovation & Innovation: the latest mantra of Nestle India

Renovation & Innovation: the latest mantra of Nestle India

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Renovation & Innovation:  the latest mantra of Nestle India

Renovation and Innovation is the latest mantra making the rounds in the corridors of Swiss food major, Nestle India. The underlying strategy is to innovate around pack sizes, flavours and create new offerings to increase penetration in the categories it operates.

In line with its new focus, Nestle India has lined up a slew of initiatives for its culinary flagship brand Maggi. For Maggi Ketchup the company has taken a strategic decision to expand the tiny ketchup market by focusing on the ‘consumer’ rather than rely on trade discounts to merely push its products. To guard its turf and offset the challenge of newcomers such as Heinz, Nestle is planning to launch new products in this category; increase penetration of ketchup and develop more effective communication and marketing strategies.

The company has already taken the first step: it recently launched a new TVC reviving its highly successful theme—“It’s different”—to promote its Maggi ketchup. One area where Nestle is putting this mantra to practice is into its best selling product, instant noodles brand Maggi. Aimed at growing the instant noodles market—currently pegged at 15,000-16,000 tonnes with a growth rate of 15 per cent—Nestle apart from launching Maggi noodles’ new variants, also plans to widen its target audience.

In Maggi soups, the company has changed its packaging and introduced new flavours such as mixed vegetable. The company also plans to introduce its instant soups shortly.

With such ‘Renovation and Innovation’ in place, it might not take long for Nestle India to crack the culinary category.

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