Regional players see definitive merit in forming alliances like OneIndia

Regional players see definitive merit in forming alliances like OneIndia

Author | Abid Hasan | Monday, Apr 21,2014 7:58 AM

Regional players see definitive merit in forming alliances like OneIndia

Advertisers are increasingly choosing other mediums over print and the players in the medium find this fact disconcerting.

In order to get the focus of brands back to print,foremost print players have created an alliance called OneIndia,a platform that redraws advertising budgets on print by offering unique rates to the advertisers. OneIndiais the brain child of three leading print publishers The Hindu, Hindustan Times and Ananda Bazar Patrika.

This association will allow advertisers to access the six publications through a single point of contact and receive cost advantage.

It can be easily understood this platform will help major clients and newspapers on a national level.

Exchange4media spoke to some of the major regional print players to elicit their opinion on forming an alliance such as this at a regional level.

Shreyams Kumar M.V, Director of Marketing, Mathrubhumi , said, “Regional markets  are growing  and it’s a good cause to collaborate and create value for advertisers. The regional market is fragmented and couple of players had tied up earlier but that didn’t work out. If regional players put together with effort a good value offering, it will be a good initiative.”

He also suggested that in order to make the print business more profitable, there are quite a few factors which can decrease costs such as sharing the infrastructure, sales, etc.

On the condition of anonymity one of the leading print players said, “Such an initiative will be very fruitful for the newspapers and regional players have huge potential. I doubt it will succeed on pan India basis but if it is created state wise, it will work very significantly.”

Publishers believe thata regional alliance will work very efficiently as pan India campaigns are very rare now a days and brands focus regionally. If such alliances come into existence advertisers will get economical advantage and their brand will reach to the core.

One of the major Hindi newspapers in northern region, Prabhat Khabar is also feeling the advertiser’s heat. The paper doesn’t appear in the list of national advertisers as its reach is restricted.

Sharing his thought over a regional alliance, KK Goenka, Managing Director, Prabhat Khabar said, “An alliance like this should be formed soon. This is the only way smaller players can counter the bigger ones. But apart from all that, regional players need to have a sacrificial attitude and then we can go ahead with such a platform.”

He also added, “Print is going through very tough times and we need to create an alliance like this in coming years to survive.”

Ajit Nair, National Head, Lokmat said, “Why not?Collaborations are always welcome if it is going to strengthen all of us. If today advertising agencies can collaborate and work together then why can’t newspaper ad sales? Sales teams can also sell in large numbers and get various advertisers on board.We can target more and more players who offer different products in the market place such as insurance sector, automobiles, etc.”

While raising an important point about how this alliance will work from competition point of view, Shailesh Amonkar, CMO, Sakal said, “One can form an alliance in non-competing market and where everyone is strong in their particular place but it can’t work with publications competing in the same space.”

Advertisers can’t ignore the fact such an alliance is an opportunity for them to reach more readers through regional players.

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