Pratiyogita Darpan to go more regional, but key focus to remain on Hindi

Pratiyogita Darpan to go more regional, but key focus to remain on Hindi

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Mar 17,2010 8:42 AM

Pratiyogita Darpan to go more regional, but key focus to remain on Hindi

With more and more regional languages being introduced in competitive exams in various states, ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’, a general knowledge and current affairs magazine, plans to expand its base in regional language publication. While North and South regions in India are more adaptable to Hindi and English languages, respectively, there is also scope for GK magazines in other regional languages as well.

Mahendra Jain, Editor-in-Chief, Pratiyogita Darpan, explained, “We mainly focus on students who are preparing for some kind of competitive exams. People who are preparing for professional exams or even for any interview for jobs require general knowledge to get through, and that is why this domain keeps on flourishing without any hindrance. Interviews and exams cannot stop and digital cannot take the place of print for now, as people like to read hard copy of information more than anything else.”

When asked about the overall market in India for current affairs magazines, Jain replied, “North India is a Hindi-dominated market, whereas in the South, most of the students take the science stream and prefer English language. Now, we are planning to get into regional language publishing as well. However, it may take some time.”

When asked about the effects of the slowdown on the publication, Jain said that there were not much challenges for this domain as entrance exams were the need of the day and would continue to be held. “So, it can be said that this particular domain of GK and current affairs magazine is recession-free. Other magazines not in this domain are struggling because the stuff that they carry is mostly covered by TV or newspapers,” he noted.

‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ is a monthly magazine on general knowledge and current affairs and has captured the market with the strategic support of Upkar Prakashan, a publishing house for competition and general books. It carries topics ranging from national and international news/ issues, personality development, interviews of examination toppers, articles/ write-up on topics such as career, economy, history, public administration, geography, polity, social, environment, scientific, legal, etc., solved papers of various examinations, essay and debate contests, quizzes and knowledge testing features every month.

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