Prabhat Khabar goes net savvy with launch of e-paper from today

Prabhat Khabar goes net savvy with launch of e-paper from today

Author | Sumita Patra | Tuesday, Jul 04,2006 8:51 AM

Prabhat Khabar goes net savvy with launch of e-paper from today

Prabhat Khabar, which recently went in for a makeover, is now launching its e-paper from July 4, 2006. The e-paper is for all the editions of Prabhat Khabar except its Siliguri edition.

K K Goenka, Vice-President, Prabhat Khabar, said, “An e-paper is a different product on the net catering to an altogether different consumer need. People who are at a faraway place from their hometown and don't have access to the local edition of their favourite newspaper can have the look and feel of it. A large chunk of the Jharkhand and Bihar population working in different states of India and abroad can now read their favourite newspaper from anywhere, and this includes the local advertisements as well. When you launch an e-paper version, your newspaper becomes a global newspaper from day one.”

The e-paper will be free of cost. However, Goenka didn’t rule out the possibility of making it paid in the future, but at the same time he made it clear that it would be a nominal one depending on the response.

Commenting on the viability of turning to an e-paper, Goenka said, “Launching of an e-paper is not a very costly affair as the same file of the newspaper is being uploaded on a daily basis. We are not looking at the e-paper as a separate business module right now. Other than the business angle, it is the digital archiving aspect that is encouraging newspapers to launch e-papers.”

Citing the advantages of having an e-paper, Goenka said, “The e-paper provides a unique opportunity to newspaper publishers to preserve their daily editions on a digital platform for future generations, who can see how a particular newspaper looked some 20 or 30 years back.”

Prabhat Khabar will be running a teaser ad campaign for 3-4 days in its newspaper, besides hoardings and digital e-mailers will be also carried out in order to create a buzz around its new offering.

Amit Papney, Area Manager-North, Prabhat Khabar, while explaining about the revenue generation of e-papers, said, “ Revenues in e-paper can be generated through online subscription and advertisements. After seeing the response we will prepare revenue model for our e-paper.”

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