PlaNet Finance India comes out with micro-business magazine 'Small Change'

PlaNet Finance India comes out with micro-business magazine 'Small Change'

Author | Sumita Patra | Saturday, Apr 23,2005 7:38 AM

PlaNet Finance India comes out with micro-business magazine 'Small Change'

PlaNet Finance India in a strategic partnership with Digital Empowerment Foundation has come out with a micro-business monthly called 'Small Change.'

Launched in the Capital recently, Small Change, which is priced Rs 20, addresses some of the key issues pertaining to micro-business in the rural sector.

When asked on how the concept of launching the monthly evolved, Osama Manzar, Executive Editor, Small Change, said, "The potential of our rural sector, developmental sector, and small towns are being felt very strongly. Banks like ICICI Bank, ABN Amro Bank, Corporation Bank, SBI, and others now look seriously towards micro-finance. In addition, this year Union budget has got a huge concentration on the rural market. Besides that, non-metro areas are strongly being looked at potential human resources generators forever growing BPO market. There is no media representing this huge market, at least not in print, any where in the world. We thought about it very strongly, and took a plunge to do something in this area and conceived this small magazine."

Manzar said, "It is not only about micro-financing, it has got everything as far as the micro-business sector, rural sector, and semi-urban sector are concerned. It is slated to cover micro-finance, micro-innovations, micro-enterprises, micro-entrepreneurship, local knowledge, governance, local products, rural industry etc.

Small Change has a wide network of people working across the country and the world, who are empanelled to contribute regularly from the ground. Said Manzar, "The content is always supposed to be exclusive. We also have a wide network of experts of all related subjects to write expert column as well as opinion pieces."

As far as the promotional strategy is concerned, Manzar said, "The concrete promotional strategy is yet to happen, however, for now, we are reaching through our network, conferences, seminars, associations, industry bodies, micro-finance institutions, and so on."

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