Pitch ties up with ad guru John Philip Jones to publish Q&A every month

Pitch ties up with ad guru John Philip Jones to publish Q&A every month

Author | Rummana Ahmed | Thursday, Jan 13,2005 7:54 AM

Pitch ties up with ad guru John Philip Jones to publish Q&A every month

John Philip Jones (JPJ), known as the prophet of advertising, will now, answer questions put forth by readers of advertising, marketing and media magazine, Pitch. The answers will appear in form of a monthly Q&A Column by JPJ in Pitch. The answers will help you understand how advertising works and then develop a long-term strategy that suits your brand.

Speaking on the tie-up, John Philip Jones, said, “I’m very pleased to be associated with Pitch. As a journal, it is effectively orientated towards professional practice, and the editorial matter is both engaging and topical.”

Jones has spent 27 years in the advertising business including 25 years with J Walter Thompson in Europe. His books are widely used by advertisers and marketers around the world. Commenting on the questions he would look forward to, he said, “I am willing to respond to all sorts of questions, but I am particularly interested in problems relating to the measurement of advertising effects. Two-thirds of advertising is wasted, and the money spent on it could be better spent in other ways.”

Putting forth his observations on advertising, he points out, “One thing we know for sure is that if advertising does not achieve an immediate effect, no further effect will be possible. The first job for a responsible advertiser is therefore to ensure that the initial effect of his advertising is positive. If it is not, work must immediately begin on a new campaign. It is a waste of effort to expect an ineffective campaign to produce an effect some time in the future; this will never happen. It is not easy always to measure immediate effects, but there are techniques that are quite reliable.”

Jones has been visiting India and has made some observations. “There is a strange paradox about advertising in India. Total advertising expenditure, approximately at $ 2 billion, is minuscule by American standards. Despite this handicap, the standard of professional practice is remarkably high. The calibre of Indian executives is impressive. There is a fruitful use of research. The creative work is often quite striking. At some advertising agencies, modern techniques like account planning, etc are being applied imaginatively. Finally, and rather importantly, there is a large portfolio of strong Indian brands as well as international ones. Many international advertisers develop special brands for the Indian market.”

The Q&A column will appear on every issue of Pitch, the country’s most authoritative publication in the advertising, marketing and media domain. The monthly offers in-depth reports and analysis on trends and ideas that helps shaping the business. Pitch brings out survey-based reports and studies on the changing landscape and mindspace of the market.

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