P&G launches new mystery campaign

P&G launches new mystery campaign

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P&G launches new mystery campaign

A group of bald women thronged the streets of Mumbai on Wednesday. These models, hired by leading consumer products company Procter & Gamble (P&G), are playing the mystery bald women attracting attention to convey the secret message of “We want a change!” The mystery campaign is said to be for P&G’s leading haircare brand Pantene, which is being relaunched, in a new pack and design. Mystery hoardings scream “We want a change” from Mumbai’s rooftops this week.

The mystery bald women will also be giving surprise visits at local discs, popular retail stores, railway stations, etc. to create a new wave of inquisitiveness amongst the onlookers. The move is believed to have stemmed from a recent regional research conducted by P&G Worldwide, which highlights that consumers generally misjudge their hair type.

In a bid to eradicate misconceptions among women regarding their hair type, P&G Worldwide’s research and development laboratories were analysing the reasons why women seem to be failing to get the look they want for their hair. The move is aimed at enabling shampoo users to understand how best to choose and use hair-styling products.

The local P&G initiative is likely to have been built around this analysis. P&G Worldwide had also conducted a global Pantene Hair Diagnosis Research (PHDR), whereby over the past six months, P&G’s world-wide team spent more than 4,000 hours in qualitative and quantitative research across three Asian countries — Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and India to understand how a simple problem like misdiagnosis of one’s own hair can lead to dissatisfying looks.

Pantene research highlights the fact that 80 per cent of women are dissatisfied with the way their hair looks and feels at least once in the whole week, and, almost 55 per cent of women in India have misjudged the hair type (oily/dry/normal/damaged) they have by buying the wrong version of shampoo or conditioner. In India, Pantene commands a marketshare of 8.7 per cent in the Rs 700- crore-shampoo market.

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