Pepsi questions Coke's research

Pepsi questions Coke's research

Author | NULL | Wednesday, Mar 28,2001 12:00 AM

Pepsi questions Coke's research

Pepsi's India challenged the veracity of the research quoted by Coca-Cola India in its Thums Up ad. Pepsi says that Coca-Cola India had used its blind test research for its Grow Up to Thums Up Challenge in a ``cynical'' manner by failing to ask the most important question of `preference for brand' in the actual research. The disclaimer on the ad, clearly says that the test has been done on only two attributes-sweetness and strength.

Meanwhile, Pepsi, claimed that Pepsi's taste preference over Coke, and Pepsi over Thums Up is statistically significant at a 95 per cent confidence level each. The results were based on a research conducted for Pepsi by AC Neilsen based on a product taste test in March 2001, where Pepsi, Coke and Thums UP were tested blind. Pepsi claims the test was conducted among a representative sample across the age group of 12-39 years in 5 cities viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Bangalore.

On overall likeability, Pepsi was rated significantly higher than both Coke and Thums Up. On most sensory dimensions such as cola flavour, smoothness, right amount of sweetness, right amount of fizz, thirst-quenching quality, Pepsi had superior scores over both competitive Cola brands.

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