Pepsi plans to launch Adrenalin Rush, AMP

Pepsi plans to launch Adrenalin Rush, AMP

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Pepsi plans to launch Adrenalin Rush, AMP

To beef up its non-carbonated beverage portfolio in the country Pepsi Foods Ltd., plans to launch one of its two international brands—Adrenalin Rush and AMP.

The company is currently conducting research as to the acceptability of the brands in the market and is also getting the formulations right for the Indian market.

According to company sources, the launch dates have not yet been finalised. The launch is expected to happen sometime middle of next year and as and when the company gets the formulation right.

While Adrenalin Rush energy drink comes from the stable of SoBe new age beverages which Pepsi Inc acquired, AMP energy drink is Pepsi’s first real entry into the energy drink market and comes from the established Mountain Dew brand name. The brand has been enhanced with a variety of ingredients typically found in energy drinks.

Of late, the non-carbonated beverages segment is emerging as the new battle ground for the two cola companies. While Coca-Cola India has had a first mover advantage by launching its global energy drink Shock and powder drink Sunfill in the country, Pepsi is working overtime to launch new products.

To spur growth in the carbonated soft drinks segment, the company plans to follow a three-point strategy this year: expansion in the rural hinterland, drive availability of 200-ml bottles across the country and continue delivering its brand promise.

Source: Financial Express
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