Paprika Media to bring out TimeOut Bangalore edition in Q4; satellite editions to follow

Paprika Media to bring out TimeOut Bangalore edition in Q4; satellite editions to follow

Author | Abhijeet Mukherjee | Friday, Sep 21,2007 8:57 AM

Paprika Media to bring out TimeOut Bangalore edition in Q4; satellite editions to follow

Paprika Media Pvt. Ltd has plans to bring out a full-blown Bangalore edition of the fortnightly TimeOut magazine by February 2008. Paprika Media, the media arm of the Essar Group, also has plans to come up with satellite editions of TimeOut for Goa, Pune, Jaipur and Chandigarh shortly.

While the satellite editions of Goa and Pune would be published from Mumbai, the Chandigarh and Jaipur editions would be published from Delhi. Although there is already an existing limited edition of Jaipur TimeOut distributed by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, the full edition is on the cards.

Thirty per cent of the content will be city-centric in most of the upcoming editions including Bangalore, while the rest would contain universal content. After Bangalore, the next big plan of TimeOut is to bring out full-blown editions in Hyderabad, and thereafter Kolkata.

“Bangalore was chosen because it is one of the happening places today. Bangalore also has a huge number of migrated populations who look out for new places to visit, new restaurants to dine and spend their leisure time in quality places. A magazine like TimeOut can only survive when the city has a lot of events going around, and Bangalore is one such place,” said Mahendra Swarup, Group Advisor-Media Business, Essar Group.

“The whole affair of publishing and promoting the edition would cost something around Rs 1.5 crore. We have not decided on the promotional activities, but I think we would go for an innovative campaign that has less expenditure but more impact,” Swarup added.

Commenting on the target audience, Swarup said, “We have target audiences across all age groups and income groups. Our target is more interest specific rather than income or age specific. The magazine allows readers to spend time in a very informed manner. They are informed about places in cities, which though existed, but were hitherto not known. As for the pricing is concerned, we have not yet decided, but it would be slightly less than that of the other two issues because a lot of interested readers are in the younger upcoming segment.”

“We believe in high quality editorial. We focus on editorial content because we believe that if that gets the readers glued to the publication, advertisers will also follow. Many advertisers run after foreign magazines without even bothering about the editorial content. Content-wise, we provide information on events, films, art and theatre. We are one of the publications that provide separate feature on gays and lesbians. We also provide information about the means to reach a particular place,” added Swarup.

Printing of the Bangalore edition would also be done from Mumbai. “This would provide more control on our logistics. As far as institution subscription is concerned, Bangalore is expected to have the highest number,” added Swarup.

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