NRS case reaches Supreme Court

NRS case reaches Supreme Court

Author | Ritu Midha | Wednesday, Jan 07,2004 7:38 AM

NRS case reaches Supreme Court

From a small Jaipur court to Jaipur High Court, to Jaipur District Court... then to Delhi High Court, where a judgment was passed and then stayed. Now the NRS case has reached the Supreme Court of India.

Feedback, the Delhi based advertising agency that had filed a petition asking for the release of NRS and had managed it too, is the one filing the petition in the Supreme Court. As one would remember, Delhi High Court, on December 19 2003, had instructed NRSC to announce the findings of NRS 2003, R 1 within a week. The findings, however, were announced on December 20 itself in the late evening.

When one had thought that legal tangle was finally over, Mapsor had asked for a stay in NRS 2003 findings yet again and managed it. The stay was asked on the grounds that NRSC had given an undertaking in the Jaipur Court but did not mention the same in Delhi High Court.

Mapsor got the stay order and NRSC advised its subscribers not to use the data. Anyway, the data loaded on computers from NRS CD evaporated within 24 hours.

Feedback had filed a petition against the stay order in the Supreme Court before the Winter break but it would be taken up for hearing on 12th of this month.

And this is not the only case going on where NRS is a party. The case in Jaipur District Court continues. Saturday, January 3 was the date when the case was to be heard there, however it was adjourned. The next hearing there is on January13.

Then there is another case involving Mapsor and another agency, which would be fought in a divisional court in Delhi. The unnamed agency again wants a quick release of NRS data.

The court battle goes on and so does the wait for the official release of NRS data. One hopes that with the Supreme Court giving a judgment one way or the other, it would put to rest all the controversies.

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