NRS 2006: C&S households register 12 pc growth at 68 million

NRS 2006: C&S households register 12 pc growth at 68 million

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Aug 30,2006 8:06 AM

NRS 2006: C&S households register 12 pc growth at 68 million

Television has quite a lot to cheer about as far as NRS 2006 is concerned. Data shows that satellite TV has grown considerably in reach – from 207 million individuals watching in an average week in 2005 to as many as 230 million individuals in 2006 – further expanding its lead over the number of readers.

Television now reaches 112 million Indian homes, reflecting a growth of 3.2 per cent over last year. Homes with access to cable and satellite C&S have increased by 12 per cent from 61 million in 2005 to 68 million in 2006. C&S reach has now penetrated 61 per cent of all TV homes, up from 56 per cent last year. In fact, the growth in C&S penetration is more than the growth in TV owning homes.

The TV and C&S medium has grown at the all India level, with growth coming from both urban and rural markets, but TV and C&S command the highest presence across mediums in urban India, which is only growing further.

N D Badrinath, Director, Client Servicing, ACNielsen threw light on marketwise information. Unlike press, which saw growth coming from only some markets like Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, TV and C&S has seen growth across markets. The only exception is the Hindi belt.

Markets like Karnataka and Kerala have seen over 8 per cent increase in C&S data for NRS 2006 from NRS 2005, West Bengal has been another contributor with over 6 per cent increase in the medium, while Tamil Nadu has seen 5 per cent increase. Other contributing markets are Assam and the North-East markets. Badrinath said, “In fact, C&S households have seen growth across India and the future trend is also a positive one.”

NRS 2006 has identified TV and C&S as the strongest medium to reach the early 20s target group, which is the most active media consumer.

The fact that TV now matches the rapid pace of C&S growth, as per the data, is even better news for channels. NRS 2006 shows that homes with colour television have increased from 58 million to 64 million in 2006. The increment of 10.4 per cent runs parallel to the growth in C&S.

In all, TV and C&S is on a good wicket and the big question really is whether we will see channels again expressing intentions of increasing their ad rates owing to this growth.

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