Now listen to an ad in print, Pioneer creates a strategic synergy

Now listen to an ad in print, Pioneer creates a strategic synergy

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Jan 31,2009 6:59 AM

Now listen to an ad in print, Pioneer creates a strategic synergy

Pioneer Book Company Pvt Ltd has recently developed an innovative concept of advertising in the print media, inspired by musical greeting cards. To demonstrate the same, Pioneer used an ad of ‘Meri Saheli’ in a recent edition of the women’s monthly in Hindi along with a pre-recorded audio chip bearing a jingle about the magazine.

Lalit Pahwa, Director and Publisher, Pioneer Book Company, said, “We seek to bring about synergy between the print media, audio (FM) and electronic media, within the pages of all kinds of publications to add more value for the available advertising space. The concept is basically inspired by the musical greeting card concept and the whole objective of adopting this in print media is to hit the clutter.”

Elaborating further, he said, “If a client, say ‘Fair & Lovely’, wants to place an ad in our magazine, we will place a pre-recorded audio chip bearing the jingle about the advertised product along with the print ad. On opening the page in which the said ad is published, the audio chip will automatically replay the ad jingle, which is also played in the electronic media like radio and television. The chip would also be used to play the tune of a jingle or relay words explaining the product or product specifications and details or product usage. Similarly, a pre-recorded chip can also be used along with the ad or other pages to highlight details on fashion, cosmetics, make-up, etc. So, when readers see the print ad of ‘Fair & Lovely’ or any other advertised or featured product, they will also hear the complementary jingle about the product at the same time.”

Speaking on the importance of the musical concept, Pahwa said, “The synergy will help readers recall and remember the product more easily and assimilate the message conveyed in the ad. Moreover, the audio-visual experience will evoke instant attention and encourage target audiences to know the product better. Because of this synergy, the print media shall be the only medium to ensure maximum recall. In which case, the concept can be adopted by daily newspapers, magazine publishers, trade magazines, in-house journals, visual arts and other similar publications as well.”

Pioneer Book Company was established in 1948 and was initially engaged solely in the distribution of newspapers, magazines and journals. An enterprising spirit, combined with foresight, saw the company rapidly expand and set up an all India distribution network. Today, the company is in the printing, publishing, distribution and in-house publication of periodicals and journals. The in-house publications include ‘Ashtapailu’, ‘Meri Saheli’, ‘Arogya Sanjeevani’, ‘New Woman’ and ‘Ved Amrit’.

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