Now, Business Standard to be available on Sundays too

Now, Business Standard to be available on Sundays too

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Thursday, Dec 21,2006 9:16 AM

Now, Business Standard to be available on Sundays too

Pink daily Business Standard, which has so far been available six days of the week, has launched its Sunday edition as well. The edition priced at Re 1 is being circulated in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, while for Mumbai city it has been priced at Rs 1.50.

The 18-page colour edition is targeted at anyone interested in business, economy and personal investment. It will have sections on the economy, corporate news and features, a world eye view, as well as a four-page section on personal finance. It paper will also have pages on books, culture, sport, politics and opinions.

A K Bhattacharya, Group Managing Editor, Business Standard, said that the idea of launching a paper on Sunday was that it would give the readers a chance to get the newspaper on Sundays as well. When asked whether competition and the soon-to-be-launched business paper from Hindustan Times’ had led to this, he said, “Although we welcome competition, our decision to launch the Sunday product was prompted by the feedback we got from our readers, and the need to offer our paper to them on all days of the week.”

“We offer a complete Sunday newspaper to our readers. We have the day’s news, a six-page investment package, four pages of business leisure and lifestyle, a page of politics and public affairs, as well as a page of opinion,” he further said.

According to most editorial heads in the paper, things had changed since it was decided to stop coming out with a Sunday edition of the paper nearly a decade ago, when it had seemed that a Sunday paper was not necessary. Today, with news being delivered 24x7, it became imperative not to miss out on any news, especially what happened on Saturdays.

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