Niche magazines bank on innovative ads to stand out

Niche magazines bank on innovative ads to stand out

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Wednesday, Feb 18,2009 7:18 AM

Niche magazines bank on innovative ads to stand out

Niche magazines are adopting various initiatives to stand out in newsstands, which include innovative ad concepts. Be it Femina carrying a comb in a new ad campaign for Dove or Pioneer Book Company introducing an audio chip that plays ad jingles in an ad for their magazine ‘Meri Saheli’, the idea is to stand out.

The Dove ad in Femina has the comb fixed on a wheel at the centre of the page for representation purpose. The ad also contains the strong communication on hair fall, which is visible only when the wheel is spun. The ad also instructs the reader to turn overleaf to check the product after going through all the instructions.

However, can this kind of a concept adoption help brands get noticed or achieve the expected sales target? Replied Jyoti Verma, Director Ad Sales, Worldwide Media, “Such innovations help brands attain instant noticeability and encourage trials. Associating with Femina also adds to the credibility of the message.”

Speaking on the innovative advertisement of the new Dove hair care range, Ravi Rao, Partner, Client Leadership, Team Unilever South Asia, Mindshare, said, “The brief was to continue to build Dove’s Expert Damage Control Positioning by building Dove’s credentials in the high need segment of hair fall built with a strong communication on the benefit and the 3-step system. The creative idea originated from Ogilvy and we chose Femina as it has the right target fit with Dove. The media execution was managed by Virendra Bapardekar, Rajesh Rao, Pravin Shetty and Nipa Shetty at Mindshare Fulcrum. The campaign is part of the full-fledged 360 deployment across media. The campaign is being tracked on several KPIs and this innovation simply would simply dramatise the impact on consumers.”

On the readers and advertisers, Prachi Tiwari, Brand Publisher, Femina, said, “The benefit of partnering with Femina is that brands get the opportunity to connect with a very large, focussed target group of prospects and product users. It gives them the platform to let consumers interface with the brand, and establish a dialogue with them. The entire activation with Femina also helps drive additional traction towards their campaign in a big way, delivering incremental sales for the brand. The readers stand to gain by way of interesting, helpful content that is over and above their regular reading fare. The gratification for readers through unique reader activation plan, sampling (of brand and related category products), is immense.”

She further said that being the largest read magazine in the woman’s genre, Femina was uniquely positioned to help brands connect with their target audience in various categories (including personal care).

Elaborating further, Tiwari said, “The magazine consistently helps develop unique ways with brands to offer specific brand information in a very engaging way that only adds to the reader experience. Magazines offer a special platform to present brand messages in a way, different from that of the other media. Given Femina’s USP of talking to the Indian woman in a unique way, and its loyal readership, the innovations tend to generate even more impact for the advertiser.”

Speaking on the vision, Tiwari said, “Femina is always at the forefront of developing unique and special platforms for brands to engage with their target audience, drive brand saliency and encourage trials. It will continue to do so in the future as well.”

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