Newspapers need to reposition themselves as multi-media companies: INMA report

Newspapers need to reposition themselves as multi-media companies: INMA report

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Nov 07,2006 9:28 AM

Newspapers need to reposition themselves as multi-media companies: INMA report

The International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA), which studies the newspapers market world over closely has released a report titled ‘Newspaper Outlook 2007: Embracing Transition to Multi-Media’. The report is authored by INMA Executive Director Earl J Wilkinson and represents the sixth annual examination by INMA of what the year ahead will look like for newspaper companies.

India has been an area of focus for INMA. The Association had held a conference last year for Indian newspaper houses where international INMA members had spoken about the uniqueness of the Indian market and what could be expected in days to come based on international experiences in the domain.

In an official communiqué, Ross McPherson, President, INMA and Managing Director, McPherson Media Group in Australia, said, “This report boldly says what many newspaper executives only whisper about. As an industry, we are good at identifying where we are and where we will go. Clearly, multi-media is our future. But we hesitate to confront the transitional issues necessary to get to that multi-media future. The ‘Newspaper Outlook 2007’ report tells it the way it is.”

The report states that newspapers will confront entrenched internal cultures in 2007 to reposition themselves as multi-media companies in a race to capture consumer attention across platforms. It also attempts to observe how investors and advertisers are pushing newspapers to expedite their move into multi-media news and advertising delivery. The heart of ‘Newspaper Outlook 2007’ delves into the transitioning from mono-media to multi-media.

In addition to the transition to multi-media, the INMA report examines customer evolution, management’s view, core business projections, and updates on industry experiments like the latest developments in recent industry experiments involving website profitability, free daily newspapers, ‘lite’ newspapers, mobile telephony, and format change.

It also speaks on what the new multi-media world might look like and the new product focus: new ways of delivering on the newspaper value proposition in the new multi-media environment, featuring how five newspapers in five countries are embracing a hyper-local editorial focus, integrating user-provided content, injecting consumer web use into editorial decisions, and integrating constant innovation processes into editorial decision-making.

The Dallas-based INMA is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting advanced marketing principles within the newspaper industry. INMA, which publishes a monthly ideas magazine and has four websites, boasts of over 8,000 members and subscribers.

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