Navbharat’s Sunjeev Maheshwari launches magazine arm, first of five magazines hit stands on December 27

Navbharat’s Sunjeev Maheshwari launches magazine arm, first of five magazines hit stands on December 27

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Dec 29,2005 7:28 AM

Navbharat’s Sunjeev Maheshwari launches magazine arm, first of five magazines hit stands on December 27

The Navbharat Group’s Sunjeev Maheshwari has ended the year by foraying into the magazine segment. Maheshwari has launched a division called 'Maharshi Enterprises', which would be launching five magazines – the first of which is titled 'The Observer of Management Education' and was launched on December 27. Janardan Pandey has been taken as the Project Head for all the magazines.

Giving the rationale behind the decision to foray into magazines, Maheshwari observed, "The media market is growing fast and there is huge untapped potential in various specialised categories. Certain segments like education, health and entertainment are growing at a very fast pace. Based on our market study and research on the needs of readers, we have plans to deliver content that will be usable and hence, build this space further."

"Reach, revenue and reader satisfaction is our motto. We have made the entire plan based on the above goals. We have well defined and concrete plans to cover these categories and expand our business, so the group is bound to grow exponentially in coming years," he added.

The first of the five titles is 'The Observer of Management Education', and the other four will launch in the first half of 2006 itself. The group has planned a six-month long promotional plan for the magazines.

"The promotional plans will be focusing on top 30 towns and certain towns which are doing well in education segment," explained Pandey, adding, "Our marketing plans include advertisements, mailers, out of home activity, on site promotions, floats and telecalling. We will focus on our core audiences – students of various courses and all those who aspire to do any management courses, whoever they are, wherever they are."

Would the management of these five titles pose a problem? Pandey replied, "Actually not. We are creating separate work group to manage each title and have clear guidelines for each of them. Since we will be delivering value and specialised content, our resources are independent for each title. Moreover, we have delegated the authority and responsibility to our key people, so there won't be any difficulty in managing five or even more titles."

In addition to management education, a political magazine in Hindi will hit the stands in January 2006. Speaking on why the group began with this sector, Pandey elaborated, "Based on the market potential, this is category that immediately needed a specialised and fully dedicated media vehicle. Today, there is a mad rush in media to cover this segment, but only enough to raise advertisement revenue is done. There is still a lack of proper focus and responsibility to back this industry. We see ourselves as a trade publication and voice of this industry. The potential really is huge and we will rock this industry."

He further said, "Our route plan of content, distribution, and reaching out to the audience is unique and we have adapted a strategy that will put us away from any direct competition from any existing players in this segment. We are focusing on effective reach by adopting a unique distribution route and user-focused content, thus reducing the wastages of any nature to the minimum."

"Options are open and we will be definitely working out more titles if we see the potential," said Pandey.

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