Mumbai Mirror launches afternoon edition from July 11

Mumbai Mirror launches afternoon edition from July 11

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Jul 12,2006 7:58 AM

Mumbai Mirror launches afternoon edition from July 11

Whoever doubted whether Mumbai Mirror was working or not in the Mumbai market has something to ponder about now. The compact from Bennett, Coleman and Company (BCCL) has launched an afternoon edition as well. The first day has seen almost 40,000 copies printed. A fair portion of the afternoon news would be new. The afternoon edition also includes some sections that would not be seen in the morning edition like Guest Column Ouch Potato from Anil Thakraney, Entertainment Options, Food Festivals and so on. Mumbai Mirror Editor, Meenal Baghel, oversees this edition as well. However, a separate team has been instituted for the Mumbai Mirror afternoon edition.

BCCL has left no stone unturned in regards to making news about this move. Mumbai Mirror’s Brand Director, Rahul Kansal, said, “There has been outdoor marketing and other activation done in the Mumbai market for this edition. We feel that Mumbai as a market allows news to be disseminated all day. The commuter life in Mumbai is active and hence, a compact version in the afternoon makes sense. There is so much more to give to the readers.”

He explained that since in all the gap between the two papers was of three hours, there would be news in the afternoon edition that would have been also carried seen in the morning edition as well. However, he is quick to add, “Only the news story that would still be relevant. But the significant portion of the news would be new.”

The morning edition of Mumbai Mirror is given out with the Times of India – both to subscribers and if the paper is bought off the newsstand. But the afternoon edition would be seen only at cash sales points and would be given to subscribers. Kansal further said that the content had been designed in a way that there was something for the afternoon readers.

He said, “Afternoon readership is a huge market and we wanted to expand Mumbai Mirror’s reach.” However, at present, a two-edition format may not be applied to Delhi Mirror.

Bhaskar Das, Executive President, ToI, further divulged that in addition to package deals, the Mumbai Mirror afternoon edition would also be available as a standalone option.

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