Mint takes on Bloomberg UTV for ‘similar’ campaigns

Mint takes on Bloomberg UTV for ‘similar’ campaigns

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Tuesday, Jun 15,2010 8:25 AM

Mint takes on Bloomberg UTV for ‘similar’ campaigns

It’s a case of similarity breeding contempt. Business publication Mint is locked in a legal tussle with business news channel Bloomberg UTV over campaigns that are based on a similar thought process – simplifying business news. With the ads of both Mint and Bloomberg UTV along similar lines, there is thus a clash of campaigns.

For the record, the creative agency for Mint is Ogilvy India, while Bloomberg UTV’s creative business is handled by Taproot India.

Meanwhile, Mint has also filed a lawsuit against Bloomberg UTV on the terms of ownership of the original idea. Benoy Roychowdhury, Executive Director, HT Media Ltd, has confirmed the news.

Explaining the creative thought process of Mint, Roychowdhury said, “The whole premise of Mint’s campaign is based on the platform of clarity of news. Research shows that when readers read business news, most of them cannot understand the financial news, thus making them feel like reading a foreign language. Thus, based on this thought process, the campaign for Mint aimed to show that news in the paper was simple and clear and not incomprehensible like a foreign language.”

Roychowdhury asserted that the campaign based on this idea was released a year ago and claimed that it was intellectual property. Thus, a lawsuit had been filed against Bloomberg UTV for its campaign, which had a similar trajectory of ideas.

When asked if there was any communication sent in return by Bloomberg UTV, he stated that the channel had not accepted the allegation.

As for the Bloomberg UTV campaign, the thought process and objective of the campaign was to familiarise the audiences with the concept of ‘Blunt’ and ‘Sharp’.

No comments were forthcoming from Bloomberg UTV at the time of filing the report.

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