Mid Day Multimedia launches Mid Day Delhi priced at Rs 2

Mid Day Multimedia launches Mid Day Delhi priced at Rs 2

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, May 03,2007 8:56 AM

Mid Day Multimedia launches Mid Day Delhi priced at Rs 2

After successfully launching Mid Day in Bangalore last year, Mid Day Multimedia launched its Delhi edition on Wednesday, May 2, 2007, afternoon. This follows the legal acquisition of Mid Day Delhi four months ago by Mid Day Multimedia. The Delhi product will be on the same content lines as Mid Day Mumbai.

The tabloid has been priced at Rs 2 and will be available from Monday to Saturday.

Said Mid-Day Managing Director Tariq Ansari, “We are quite excited about our Delhi launch. We have 32 pages in the Delhi edition. We want Mid Day Delhi to reach the same level as that of Mid Day Mumbai.”

Cyriac Mathew, COO, Mid Day, said, “Our focus is on people on the move in the Delhi market. We are targeting the young urban mobile readers. In terms of circulation we are aiming at 50,000 copies daily by next month. Our selling model will be through subscription and newsstand sales.”

Ansari explained that Mid Day is planning a national rollout. “As part of our marketing strategy we will be rolling out a Pune edition in the next few months. We are going to focus first on stabilising our Delhi edition. In Bangalore, we are selling close to 50,000 copies already,” he said.

Mathew added that the Delhi edition’s city-centric pages will be different from the Mumbai edition. “Also, we have a section which talks about exhibitions, art, and movies in Delhi. We have a relationships page, which is again local. Only the national news and sports news are common to both the Mumbai and Delhi editions,” he explained.

“Currently we are putting together the content team and the marketing team for Mid Day Delhi. We will be announcing the team soon,” added Mathew. As is known, Mid Day had launched a Delhi edition in 1986. Following this, in 1989, the product was sold to the Suri family. However, four months back, Mid Day Delhi went up for sale again and was bought back by Mid Day Multimedia.

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