Mid-Day enhances weekend reading for ‘Yumpis’

Mid-Day enhances weekend reading for ‘Yumpis’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Mar 07,2009 7:14 AM

Mid-Day enhances weekend reading for ‘Yumpis’

Continuing with its YUMPI focus, Mid-Day has rebranded its Saturday edition and starting this Saturday, March 7, 2009, the paper will be delivered in the mornings rather than in afternoons, and will have a magazine-like feel. There will be a strong focus on what’s local, hot and happening in the city.

Manajit Ghoshal, CEO, Mid-Day Infomedia Ltd, said, “Mid-Day on Saturday and Sunday are weekend products, distinct in their identities from the weekly Mid-Day. They are consumed differently by YUMPIs, serving as their guide to planning their weekend when they take a break. By shifting to a magazine format and to the morning hour, Mid-Day addresses their needs for entertaining yet value adding information even more effectively.”

Readers of Mid-Day on Saturday can look forward to the guide, a comprehensive 14-page weekend planner that tells which pub is hosting live music night, whether Friday’s Bollywood release is worth their multiplex ticket, and if warm beer and a weak menu make the city’s latest restaurant deserve one tight slap. Spanning films and TV, night life, food and drink, music, dance, theatre, shopping and discounts, weekend getaways, books and poetry, the guide sifts trash from treasure.

Shishir Joshi, Group Editorial Director, Mid-Day Multimedia Ltd, said, “Mid-Day serves a young, urban audience that works hard during the week and parties harder during their weekends. As a newspaper with a really great grasp on the pulse of everything that is locally hot and happening, Mid-Day on Saturday is the perfect guide for the YUMPI’s weekend out in the city, no matter what the pursuit – night outs, movies, getaways or shopping.”

Mid-Day on Saturday will also feature staples like comics and crosswords, along with interviews, news, sports, etc.

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