McKinsey-CII Report on Retailing

McKinsey-CII Report on Retailing

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McKinsey-CII Report on Retailing The Indian women is now going to decide the what, which, who, when, where and how of the organised retail market. The growing influence of women in decision making, so far as shopping is concerned, is likely to boost the demand for organised retailing, a segment which is set to grow to $18-20 billion. With over 12 million retail outlets, the $180 billion organised and unorganised retail sector is likely to grow to $300 billion by 2010, according to McKinsey-CII report. The rapid increase in the number of women who are working will drive the growth of organised retail, specially in categories such as convenience foods and cosmetics. The modern women is influenced by three factors, growing level of education, increasing job opportunities and media exposure. The penetration of electronic media in rural areas has also influenced the lifestyle of village dwellers. The rural market is beginning to emerge as an important consumption area, where women has a significant role to play. Now in the emerging scenario, the rural market accounts for one-third of the demand for most key consumer durables and non-durable products.
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