Maxim India powers mega relaunch issue with e-zine

Maxim India powers mega relaunch issue with e-zine

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Sep 10,2007 9:19 AM

Maxim India powers mega relaunch issue with e-zine

Maxim India has launched what it claims to be the world’s first e-zine product – eMaxim. The e-zine, which flips like a real book, has zoom in and zoom out facilities, has user based interfaces, television commercials, and videos all built in, comes as a free CD with the Maxim mega relaunch issue priced at Rs 150. The print order with the relaunch issue, which features Malaika Arora Khan on its cover, has been increased to 110,000.

Commenting on launching eMaxim, Piyush Sharma, CEO & Publisher, Media Transasia, said, “Mass-consumer magazines have a different reality when it comes to digital media, because unlike B2B and most other types of publications, they still rely overwhelmingly on their print products to drive monies. But that hasn’t stopped Maxim as a big consumer-magazine major from pushing online media. The Big Idea is all about an ‘incredible focus’ on integrating print and e-media. We are moving towards an era where convergence of mediums is happening and Maxim has scored a first by creating a new media delivery platform which addresses all distribution channels, including digital and hard copy magazine format, thereby exposing a larger and a newer customer of the digital age to its content.”

“This integration gives readers a never-before unified publishing experience on both print and digital media. The big opportunity lies in creating a bigger audience of younger readers online or in print, and an opportunity to get more money from your advertisers,” Sharma added.

The eMaxim is being touted as a prime example of its strategy of packaging compelling content with unique advertising opportunities.

On the relaunch, Anup Kutty, Maxim Editor, said, “We are committed to stay ahead of the times and help the reader make intelligent choices. Starting this month, the magazine becomes sexier, funnier, ‘usefuller’. This came after weeks of brainstorming, beer binges, trips to the Himalyas for inspiration and a few Reiki sessions!”

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