Man's World turns 4

Man's World turns 4

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Mar 30,2004 6:56 AM

Man's World turns 4

Man's World, the country's leading men's magazine is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a unique double-issue with two covers. Mallika Sherawat makes for one cover as part of the magazine's annual swimsuit feature, while Preity Zinta would be on the second cover as part of a unique feature called ‘Women We Love’ where about three dozen men, including the likes of Jackie Shroff, Amar Singh, Ismail Merchant, Arjun Rampal, Muzzafar Ali, MF Hussain, Krishnamachari Srikant and many others talk about the one woman in the world who fascinates them the most.

"Our annual issue is always a big seller," says Bharat Limaye, Vice President – Marketing at MW India, the publisher of Man's World. "This time it is flying off the stands even faster, thanks to, we think, the two pretty women on the cover," he adds.

As is known, Man's World was conceived and launched by two leading city journalists: N Radhakrishnan who was the Executive Editor of Business India, and Harsh Man Rai, who also worked with Business India as Photo Editor. "Man's World was conceived to be India's answer to some of the leading international men's magazines, and it has more than lived up to its promise as can be seen from the response of both our readers and advertisers," says N Radhakrishnan, Publisher and Editor, Man’s World.

The core of the magazine, however, is made of its `Service' or `How To' sections like style, grooming, fitness, wine, food, travel etc. where the emphasis is on information and advise. "With increased awareness in areas like grooming and health, there is hunger for information of this kind. So, it is not surprising that these sections in the magazine have proved to be greatly popular with our loyal readers over the years. They eagerly look forward to it every month," says Radhakrishnan.

MW India Pvt Ltd, has also branched out into contract publishing. The company brings out magazines for a variety of clients including a travel magazine for Club Mahindra and the in-flight magazine of the newly launched airline, Air Deccan, called Simplifly. "It is a fast-growing area of the publishing industry," observes Radhakrishnan, "and these magazines have great synergy with the kind of stuff that we do in Man's World. We strive to realise the same quality in our contract publishing magazines as we are used to in Man's World."

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