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Management guru Arindam Chaudhari to launch ‘Business & Economy’ magazine

Management guru Arindam Chaudhari to launch ‘Business & Economy’ magazine

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Wednesday, Jun 15,2005 7:26 AM

Management guru Arindam Chaudhari to launch ‘Business & Economy’ magazine

After authoring books and directing films, management guru Arindam Chaudhari is all set to launch a magazine, Business & Economy (B&E). According to him, it will be positioned as the most influential business and economy magazine.

The magazine will be launched in Delhi and Mumbai on June 16 and 17 respectively. It will be a fortnightly, and priced Rs 10. The magazine will be available on newsstands from June 18 onwards.

Chaudhari said, “There is no competition for us, because our magazine is a unique combination of business news, economic analysis, implications, conditions and policies.”

B&E will be the first Indian business and economy publication to feature content from celebrity International writers like Noam Chomsky and Salman Rushdie, he said.

Chaudhari added, “The first print-run will be 50,000 copies out of which 5,000 copies have been already subscribed by the corporate sector and other institutions.”

Currently, there is a team of 65 consultants working for B&E in Delhi alone in the areas of editorial, research, design, production and marketing.

Arindam Chaudhari is the editor-in-chief, Abhimanyu Ghosh is the publisher, Prasoon Majumdar is the economic editor and Sutanu Guru is the Consulting editor.

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