Mail Today takes the ‘contemporary, modern and young’ peg in new brand campaign

Mail Today takes the ‘contemporary, modern and young’ peg in new brand campaign

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Wednesday, Sep 10,2008 8:20 AM

Mail Today takes the ‘contemporary, modern and young’ peg in new brand campaign

In a bid to connect with the ‘new age Indian’, Mail Today has recently come up with a new brand campaign. This is the first campaign since the launch of the compact. Capital Advertising is the creative agency behind the campaign.

While the launch campaign focused on the product and its attributes – bold, exciting, opinionated, in-depth coverage and compact format – the new campaign showcases what the paper’s TG stands for and focuses on their attitude, mindset and outlook towards various facets of life.

Suresh Balakrishnan, COO, Mail Today, said, “The objective of the campaign is to highlight the fact that Mail Today, as a product, in format and content, is designed specifically for the upwardly mobile new Indian. It talks their agenda, reflects their values and has content that is relevant to them. Packaged in a compact, bold, exciting, picture-led format, the objective of this campaign is to position the product as a newspaper for the SEC A, upwardly mobile, new Indian with a global outlook. The campaign reflects the attitudes and beliefs of our TG – the new age Indian.”

He further said, “The campaign has been taken to South and Central Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. The reason for the geographical focus is to take our campaign to areas where our TG travels for work or for fun. This was to efficiently use the media in these areas rather than spreading ourselves too thin across Delhi.”

Commenting on the compact’s TG, Balakrishnan said, “The new age Indian has positive/ optimistic outlook towards life and take their passions seriously. The new age Indian tends to dream big, seek balance in various facets of life, make out time for self and family, and time for society at large, seek a work-life balance. They like to be updated and kept informed, knows and is concerned about various happenings around the world, has a global outlook towards life, and embraces change/ newness. All the four creatives used in the campaign – ‘fair and lovely’, ‘super mom’, ‘career, not a degree’ and ‘guy with all answers’ – underline these attitudes and viewpoints of our TG towards life in general.”

“We have also developed a New Indian Quiz, which essentially brings out the various aspects of the new age Indian and helps create a sense of belonging with this set of the population. Keeping our TG’s lifestyle in mind, this quiz can be taken online, through SMS and GPRS. The activity is also being taken at the ground level through petrol pumps and in office complexes. In line with the new age Indian concept, we are also planning a go-karting championship for the trade fraternity. With F1 racing catching up in India, we believe it will soon be a sport of the new Indian. This apart, we are taking our communication forward through trade magazines and sites,” Balakrishnan added.

Ullas Chopra, Executive Creative Director, Capital Advertising, said, “The brief we got from Mail Today was show that this is a serious mainstream contemporary modern format newspaper. The basic message that we have tried to convey through this campaign is ‘I am contemporary, modern and young.”

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