Maharashtra Times launches monthly health magazine ‘Jeevet Sharad Shatam’

Maharashtra Times launches monthly health magazine ‘Jeevet Sharad Shatam’

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Wednesday, Jun 11,2008 7:57 AM

Maharashtra Times launches monthly health magazine ‘Jeevet Sharad Shatam’

Maharashtra Times, a leading Marathi daily from The Times of India Group, has launched a monthly health magazine titled ‘Jeevet Sharad Shatam’, on May 31, 2008, priced at Rs 10. The niche magazine is targeted at 40- plus women. The content includes clinical issues related to women and general health remedies.

Commenting on the launch, Ranjeet Kate, Deputy Director, Times Group, said, “Our focus is on an active, healthy life. We believe in providing a blend of traditional and contemporary health remedies to the audience. We believe that there is a market for this particular content.”

Speaking on the content, Shriram Shidhaye, editorial head of ‘Jeevet Sharad Shatam’, explained, “We cover topics like Ayurveda and its applications, health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, eye disease and so on. We also incorporate content ranging from lifestyle to food habits. In a nutshell, we have tried to touch each and every health related issue that concerns the common man.”

Shidhaye added, “We are not here to give only information but also to arrange a direct dialogue between health experts and the common man. That is why we also organize events for this purpose. The magazine provides a platform to the reader on health issues.” He added that the magazine was “getting tremendous response from the audience, it’s been a huge success for us as of now”.

On the marketing strategy, Kate said that the magazine was being promoted through advertising in Maharashtra Times and Mumbai Mirror. He informed that the ad-edit ratio was 40:60.

Kate is tightlipped on the circulation figure, but said, “We have exceeded the expected figures, as the concept is brand new, and we are happy with the huge response.” He informed that seminars on health and clinic visits were being organized with service providers “who are participants as advertisers in the magazine”.

Kate said Jeevet Sharad Shatam is also available in cities such Nashik and Pune which are near to Mumbai. “Our focus is more on cities,” he said.

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