Magazines should leverage 'Play Buy Share' mantra

Magazines should leverage 'Play Buy Share' mantra

Author | Priyanka Nair | Tuesday, Jul 10,2012 8:01 PM

Magazines should leverage 'Play Buy Share' mantra

“If you like a book you never love its film. Such is the power of words and imagery”, were the power packed opening statement made by KV Sridhar, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, at the ‘Magazines – The Power of Engagement’ panel discussion in Mumbai. The event is an initiative by Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) in partnership with exchange4media.

Coming from the creative side of the media community Sridhar highlighted certain interesting points that magazines should consider leveraging to become stronger than what it is today.

According to Sridhar, “Every media has to reinvent itself in today’s environment.” With changing media dynamics magazines in India today should focus on what more they can do in engaging the readers powerfully. Sridhar believes that out of home is one such inspiring medium of communication that has reinvented itself over the recent times. Out of home is trying to leverage technology and keeps in mind every changing brand needs.

Sridhar mentions that creative work for magazine should be looked every differently. A unique communication to magazine will add value to the brand’s image. Brands are too focused on readership numbers and return on investment figures. Emotional equity is what brands should look at generating through an impactful medium like magazines. Emotional equity can add a lot of color to a brand’s life.

The role of every media is to understand the larger picture that can thereby push creative agencies craft better communication of each of them. ‘Play buy share’ is the new era mantra of advertising. Engagement with the current generation should be leveraged by using the medium that they are always held to.

Magazines should generate engagement of a level that a reader gets to experience the advertised brands, feel the brand, creates the fun factor and thereby propagates the brands at the end of it. “Today advertisers are not propagating brands but people are propagating brands which the most powerful tool that magazines can create for brands,” added Sridhar.

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