Magazines help being creative & innovative: GV Krishnan

Magazines help being creative & innovative: GV Krishnan

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Saturday, Jul 14,2012 9:21 PM

Magazines help being creative & innovative: GV Krishnan

The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM), in partnership with exchange4media, presented the AIM Engagement Survey to the media industry on July 11, 2012 in Bangalore, as part of a three-city tour.

The presentation was mainly held for the media and advertising industry to draw the attention of the media planners on investment in magazines. The panel discussion brought to light the importance of magazines in the whole of media industry for building a brand.

Speaking at the event, GV Krishnan, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas and Partners started his presentation by saying, “Magazine is an interesting medium, but probably often not understood well.” He added that a magazine captures audience when they are in a “mood to read”.

Krishnan saw magazines as “great story tellers” and showcased the innovation possibilities and showed creatively how different brands have done it effectively over time, citing examples of Adidas, Mac Book, Tanishq and so on.

He further said, “Magazines offer intelligent and memorable conversation opportunities periodically and can be a nice personalised way of delivering the message.” “This is a medium where creatively one can have a high and continuously innovate to leave an impact,” he concluded.

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