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Magazine publishers call for change in conversation

Magazine publishers call for change in conversation

Author | Priyanka Nair & Synjini Nandi | Tuesday, Jul 10,2012 10:03 PM

Magazine publishers call for change in conversation

The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM), in partnership with exchange4media, presented the AIM Engagement Survey to the industry stakeholders on July 9 in Mumbai as part of the three-city tour.

R Rajmohan, Publisher, Open Media, opened the session by showcasing the highlights of the study, which included a two-phased research commissioned by AIM – a qualitative research by Quantum, followed by the large scale quantitative survey by IMRB, involving 3,600 people across 10 cities.

AIM will be distributing brochures across various media agencies and publishing houses which help these professionals demonstrate the strengths of the magazine medium as effective platform of advertising. AIM also would be creating a buzz about the survey through road shows and through digital platform in the near future.

The thrust of the Survey is on the need to change conversation. Today, most of the readership surveys are on a quarterly basis, which is not accurate as reading patterns don’t change drastically in a short time frame.

According to Rajmohan, it is very critical to understand how consumers interact and engage with each media. “It can be observed that surveys are usually focused on random sampling which many a times don’t give a detailed output. The assumption that there is fragmentation of readership can be looked upon as a positive move. Fragmentation of readership has led to the arrival of what we call as the niche magazines in the Indian markets,” he added.

According to the study, there are four buckets of engagement: namely, exposure based measures, qualitative dimension, relevance and profiling and effective v/s accountability leading to delivery. The study revealed that advertisements in magazines don’t seem as hindrance, but play an integral part in terms of connect, utility and guidance. Also, magazines are a better source of information and awareness and also help create a positive disposition towards purchase. They provide the readers with ‘me time’ and are instrumental in gaining the undivided attention and trust of the readers.

Key Highlights from the Study:

  • 68 per cent readers read magazines when they are alone making it one of the few media that is high on ‘me’ time. The next to follow is internet, which is at 49 per cent
  • 66 per cent readers turn to magazines when they want to relax. This is 25 per cent higher than the next medium that is television, where viewers are known to swap channels in ad breaks. Since there is no multi-tasking while reading magazines, it tend to occupy reader’s complete attention 
  • This is corroborated by another highlight that 87 per cent readers do nothing else while reading a magazine 
  • Magazines command undivided attention by at least 65 per cent readers, which is twice as much as a media like TV 
  • There is 12 per cent ad avoidance in magazines, which is the lowest amongst all media

    Click Here for the Detailed Findings of the Study

    Magazine readers show a lot more involvement with this medium as against other media platforms. The industry thereby needs to come together to generate active interest in the minds of advertisers to invest on this ever evolving medium.

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