Lokmat empowers the common man through ‘MyIndiaMyWay’ campaign

Lokmat empowers the common man through ‘MyIndiaMyWay’ campaign

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Monday, Feb 02,2009 6:49 AM

Lokmat empowers the common man through ‘MyIndiaMyWay’ campaign

Lokmat Group has set out to combat all things grim through their campaign, christened ‘Lokmat MyIndiaMyWay’. The concept is presented by Idea, while exchange4media is the online partner. The campaign will culminate with an on-ground event in February, where Home Minister P Chidambaram would field questions from a panel on democracy.

The ‘Lokmat MyIndiaMyWay’ commenced from January 25, 2009. Lokmat has been dedicating two pages every day with separate format and design through this its is taking up all the issues for the debate.

The US Presidential elections were very keenly observed in India as well, where history was created with America electing its first ever African-American President. The financial meltdown has the nation very much in its grip, with virtually every sector affected in one way or the other. But the one incident that perhaps generated more debates than any were the November 26 Mumbai terror attacks, which have provoked the citizens to ask for concrete, decisive actions to ensure their security and well-being. These developments on economic, social and security fronts have made the citizens more active and involved in our governance system. Now more than ever, citizens are more involved and want a say in the way the government functions.

While the majority is very clear that democracy is one of India’s key sustainable and competitive advantages, there are questions as to whether democracy in the current format is relevant and sufficient in addressing the issues confronting the nation. As a responsible media player, Lokmat Group has created a platform for conducting a discussion on these issues.

Speaking on the initiative, Bharat Kapadia, Director, Lokmat, said, “The voice of the common people, who are actually owners of this country, are unheard on various occasions. So, we thought of empowering the common people’s voice through our initiative. In this, readers can participate in three ways – first, there is a question of the day, which can be answered by them; secondly, they can raise a question, which is basically getting answered by the Maharashtra Home Minister or Chief Minister; and thirdly, the reader can post their feedbacks on experts’ articles everyday. All three ways of communication can be done through SMSes, emails, and letters, or directly through phone calls. We hope to provide a positive angle to the developments and empower the citizens by providing them a platform like this for debate.”

He further said, “This is a first of its kind campaign, for which we have received a huge response. We are planning to continue with this kind of initiative in future as well.”

On the expected readership and circulation, Kapadia said, “Throughout the entire period of this exercise, the readership will be highly interactive, intensive and also vibrant. We are expecting some more readers, who are not our current readers, to participate in the same. We expect that our both readership and circulation will go up during this period, and the same figures we aim to retain in future also, because we believe we are giving something new to the readers to read.”

Speaking on the marketing, he said, “We are promoting this initiative through TV, radio and hoardings. This particular initiative is completely supported by 360-degree marketing.”

The experts who have contributed articles for ‘Lokmat MyIndiaMyWay’ pages include Nandan Nilekeni, Arvind Kejriwal, Gerson Da Cunha, Sucheta Dalaal, Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Milind Deora, Javed Akthar, Dr Abhay, Dr Rani Bang, ND Manohar, Anand Mahindra, Ram Shewalkar, Deepak Shikarpur, Sonali Kulkarni, Dr Himmatrao Bawaskar, P Sainath, Gurudas Dasgupta, Shobhaa De and Gulzar, among others.

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