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Kidstuff Promos and Events to set up specialised cells

Kidstuff Promos and Events to set up specialised cells

Author | NULL | Thursday, May 03,2001 12:00 AM

Kidstuff Promos and Events to set up specialised cells

Kidstuff Promos and Events (KPE), a leading player in innovative and customised below-the- line solutions, is setting up specialised divisions to offer value-added services to its clients. The two divisions are: Kids Research and Database management. The company has earmarked Rs 40 lakh for putting both these projects on track. KPE’s niche area of operations is schools and contests.

KPE plans to network with 1,000 schools for both online and offline research which could help in direct testing of products and provide immediate feedback to its clients.

The Database Management Division will be operational from August 2001. The database consists of a mine of information that has been accumulated as a byproduct during its promotions. It has a detailed database of 25 lakh kids and 12,000 schools, which could be of immense use to clients.

KPE is a part of the Olympia Group of companies, exporters of toys and games. It specialises in innovative and customised below-the-line solutions, like sampling, contests and redemptions, brand extension, in-school/in-college programmes and events.

Over a span of 5 years it has registered a turnover of Rs 15 crore and is targeting Rs 25 crore this year. Its clients include heavyweights like HLL, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Britannica, Tropicana, and KPE has an extensive database of 12,000 schools in 67 cities and a direct relationship with 2,500 schools.

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