Keep experimenting with the Print medium: V Vaidyanathan

Keep experimenting with the Print medium: V Vaidyanathan

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Aug 22,2015 8:17 AM

Keep experimenting with the Print medium: V Vaidyanathan

The second edition of Dainik Bhaskar INK Awards, an initiative by exchange4media to celebrate the best work in print advertising, were held in Mumbai yesterday. V Vaidyanathan, Chairman and MD of Capital First Management, was the keynote speaker for the evening.

Speaking to the assembled audience, Vaidyanathan tried to dispel the perception that digital and social media is endangering the future of print media. According to him, even though print was the first medium for advertising and news, it has steadily seen increased challenges from the likes of radio, TV, and now digital and mobile. However, despite these challenges print will continue to remain the prominent media in the country for the foreseeable future. To back this claim, he pointed out that since 2012 to 2015, print ads in India as a percentage of the total media spends might have fallen, but the actual spends have grown in the same period at a rate of 8-9 per cent every year to stand at Rs 16,128 crore.

"Compared to electronic media, print provides a more non-intrusive way of reaching out to the audience. You have the freedom to skip ads, while TV actually forces you to watch them. It is very interruptive," he opined.

The newspaper is a habit, says Vaidyanathan. "It is something about the way the newspaper industry has evolved that we cannot do away with it," he said.

He also felt that the "ultimate compliment" to print media is that even the internet-only companies are actually advertising on print.

Vaidyanathan also advised media professionals to keep experimenting with the medium. "Today's professionals have a very good opportunity to try out new things when it comes to advertising," he said. He gave the example of Audi's audio ads in newspapers as something that pushed the boundaries of what is possible on the medium.

"The next thing you (media professionals) should do is get rid of the clichés. I am tired of hearing the word 'dream' in ads. We used to use 'dream car', 'dream house', etc. 20 years ago. It is time we got out of this habit," he urged the audience.

He was of the belief that with the economy expected to grow, there would be a lot of opportunities to build new brands and print could be a big part of the overall scheme of things.

Another thing that Vaidyanathan asked media professionals to pay attention to is the emergence of new technologies, something, he believes, is changing our lives in a profound fashion. "We now have the Internet of Things, we have wearables. As marketing managers, each one of these new technologies gives us the opportunity to expand the brands," he signed off.

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