J&J launches dandruff treatment shampoo

J&J launches dandruff treatment shampoo

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J&J launches dandruff treatment shampoo

Johnson & Johnson recently launched its dandruff treatment shampoo Nizoral. As part of its initiative to educate and inform the beauty fraternity about dandruff, the company conducted a workshop on Nizoral healthcare and dandruff awareness in Hyderabad. The focus was to dispel various myths associated with this common problem.

According to J&J, commonly used hair oils, cosmetics, anti-dandruff shampoos give only temporary relief from flaking and itching. Nizoral, which was test marketed in 57 countries, posseses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect also.

Noted cosmetologist Mrs Sudha Achuta, the brand ambassador for J&J’s Nizoral, dispelled various myths about dandruff. According to her, this condition of the scalp is caused by an over abundance of a microorganism called Pityrosporum ovale, an yeast-like fungus that is part of the normal skin flora. The proven ingredient ‘Ketoconazole’ treats the root cause of dandruff and provides relief without irritating the scalp.

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