Jagran Pehel: Fighting for social causes in Hindi heartland

Jagran Pehel: Fighting for social causes in Hindi heartland

Author | Nitin Pandey | Monday, Aug 30,2010 8:45 AM

Jagran Pehel: Fighting for social causes in Hindi heartland

Jagran Pehel, a non-profit unit of Jagran Prakashan, has been undertaking various social initiatives, especially in the Hindi heartland. Among the most recent initiatives of Jagran Pehel, the Sapno Ko Cahi Chooney (SKCC) project in Bihar, Zindagi Zindabad in Jharkhand and Suposhan Ke Liye Jan Jagran in Uttar Pradesh, are significant.

“The responses to Pehel’s programmes have been overwhelming at all levels,” claimed Anand Madhab, National Head, Jagran Pehel.

When asked how such steps helped in brand building, Madhab replied that Jagran Pehel’s sole objective was to work towards creation of a better society for one and all. It was not a brand building exercise for JPL, he insisted, adding, “Our projects are developmental in approach rather than charitable approaches. We do only those projects where we strongly support and believe in the cause.”

However, he admitted that since they utilised the media plexus of their parent body to deliver their media campaigns, there were times that both got linked up in the minds of the people. “If this results in any favourable image of the JPL group among the public, it is only an unintentional and intangible benefit,” he maintained.

Speaking on Pehel’s future plan, Madhab said that in the immediate future, Jagran Pehel was looking forward to implementing two of its crucial projects. The first one was an awareness campaign on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), diabetes which is first detected during pregnancy. The project seeks to build an environment for mainstreaming GDM in maternal and child health regimen of public health and promote positive change in diabetic scenario of the country. It will cover seven districts across four states – Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi.

Madhab also informed that another project that was being planned was an Advocacy Campaign for Neo-Natal Care and Survival in 17 selected districts of Uttar Pradesh.

“The project will involve 360 degree media campaign and structured dialogue with multiple stakeholders, Policy makers, people’s representative, district administration, health organisations, health professionals, CBOs and media fraternity and expecting/ new mothers and their families, and so on, he added.

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