It’s love that matters on Valentine day: Survey

It’s love that matters on Valentine day: Survey

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It’s love that matters on Valentine day: Survey

According to a telephonic survey conducted by Gyan, a Rediffusion DY&R concern, there are several myths around Valentine's that marketers must be aware of.

  • Valentine's is a teen and teen plus phenomenon with highest interest across cities in the 18-25 years segment. The 26-30 years segment is not far behind, especially in Mumbai and Delhi. In Bangalore love seems to bloom early with a good 66 per cent respondents in the 14-17 years segment reporting definite Valentine's plans.
  • The love bug seems to be spreading to older consumers and to smaller towns too. Jaipur has reported substantial interest and action in the 30+ years segment this Valentine's Day!
  • About 49 per cent of girls in Mumbai said they had active plans for Valentine's. The Delhi figure is higher at 58 per cent and Bangalore matches Mumbai at 47 per cent. Chandigarh at 42 per cent and Jaipur at 39 per cent trail.
  • Surprisingly, higher number of women (52 per cent) answered in the affirmative in Mumbai (47 per cent men) while in Delhi 70 per cent men said they were planning to celebrate Valentine's Day (60 per cent women).
  • The e-wave seems to have made its mark with romantics as 2 out of 5 respondents in Mumbai, 30 per cent of respondents in Delhi and 14 per cent in Bangalore said they would be sending Valentine's greetings on the Internet. For the rest, a mushy greeting card would do.
  • A big majority in Mumbai and Bangalore still prefer to say it with flowers-red roses preferred!. Delhiites seem not to succumb to the charms of the red rose: only 15 per cent said they would send their Valentine a bouquet. Surprisingly, in Mumbai and Bangalore a lot of women respondents too said they would send flowers: as many as 41 per cent in Mumbai and 38 per cent in Bangalore compared to just 6 per cent in Delhi.
  • Willingness to spend is high as much as Rs 1,000 for a dinner out with the lady (40 per cent in Mumbai, 34 per cent in Delhi). In Mumbai, 51 per cent and in Bangalore 65 per cent respondents were willing to shell out over Rs 500.
  • In Mumbai a good 28 per cent indicated a budget of Rs 500-1,000 while 20 per cent said they would spend much more. Delhi put a far lower price on their love with 94 per cent indicating a gift of below Rs 500. Chandigarh and Jaipur too reported budgets below the Rs 500 price but 14 per cent in Chandigarh and 11 per cent in Jaipur bracketed themselves above Rs 1,000.
  • In terms of gifts women voted for pens, neckties, aftershaves, books for their men. Males however predict women would love silver trinkets, chocolates, perfumes, and cuddly toys.

The survey covered male and female respondents in the age group 14-40 years in five cities-Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur and Chandigarh. A total of 733 respondents were interviewed.

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