IRS Q3 2010: Periodicals put up a decent show in Delhi

IRS Q3 2010: Periodicals put up a decent show in Delhi

Author | Akash Raha | Friday, Dec 03,2010 8:11 AM

IRS Q3 2010: Periodicals put up a decent show in Delhi

The IRS Q3 2010 results have brought cheer to periodicals, which had come under heavy fire following the Q2 results. English periodicals appear to have done better than expected in several, including Delhi.

India Today remains the most read weekly in Delhi, however, the magazine has recorded a decline in Average Issue Readership (AIR) of 6.84 per cent at 245,000 in Q3. Outlook is the No. 2 among the weeklies. The magazine, too, has seen a drop in AIR – from 86,000 in Q2 to 72,000 in this quarter, a decline of 16.28 per cent.

Readers Digest remains the top monthly magazine despite recording a negative growth in AIR of 16.17 per cent – from 167,000 in Q2 to 140,000 in Q3. It is followed by Competition Success Review, Auto Car, Stardust and General Knowledge Today. Auto Car has recorded the steepest climb in AIR of 24 per cent at 62,000 from 50,000 in Q2.

Femina leads the fortnightly magazine segment with a positive growth in readership of 13.25 per cent. The magazine has recorded an AIR of 94,000 in Q3, as against 83,000 in Q2. Champak is at No. 2 and has seen a positive growth in AIR of 8.70 per cent – from 46,000 in Q2 to 50,000 in this quarter. However, Business Today, which is ranked third, has seen a drop in readership of 13.73 per cent. Its AIR in Q3 stands at 44,000 as compared to an AIR of 51,000 in the previous quarter.

[The mentioned readership figures are Average Issue Readership (AIR) figures, Total Readership (TR) may vary. After various discussions with advertisers and media buyers, as a policy exchange4media uses only AIR numbers.]


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