IRS Q3 2010: Growth story for Malayalam dailies, but magazines decline

IRS Q3 2010: Growth story for Malayalam dailies, but magazines decline

Author | Cassandra Serpes | Monday, Dec 06,2010 7:27 PM

IRS Q3 2010: Growth story for Malayalam dailies, but magazines decline

From the past Indian Readership Survey (IRS) data, it is evident that dailies have always done better than magazines in terms of readership numbers. IRS Q3 2010 results show no different trend for Malayalam publications. While most dailies have shown growth, magazines are on decline trend.

Among the top five dailies, Malayala Manorama stands tall with a sizable difference in readership from the No. 2 player – Mathrubhumi. Also, there is just one daily that has seen a decline in readership.

Malayala Manorama has clocked an Average Issue Readership (AIR) of 9,927,000 in this round as compared to 9,841,000 in Q2, which is a minor 0.87 per cent growth, while Mathrubhumi has seen a 1. 71 per cent increase, with its readership figures going up from 6,566,000 in Q2 to 6,678,000 in this quarter.

At No. 3 is Deshabhimani with an AIR of 2,292,000 in the current quarter, which is a marginal 0.70 per cent increase from its Q2 AIR of 2,276,000. Madhayamam follows with an 8.30 per cent increase in its AIR from 699,000 in Q2 to 757,000 in Q3.

Kerala Kaumudi is at fifth position. However, it has seen a major 12.31 per cent drop in its AIR. The publication’s readership fell from 837,000 in Q2 to 734,000 in this quarter.

Among the Malayalam language magazines, just two of the top 10 magazines have shown growth. The rest have seen de-growth ranging from a marginal 0.98 per cent to 17 per cent.

Among the top five, only Malayala Manorama, which is at No. 2, has seen a growth of 4.85 per cent with a readership of 1,276,000, up from 1,217,000 in Q2.

Vanitha, the most read Malayalam periodical, has seen a de-growth of 0.98 per cent in its AIR, from 2,751,000 in Q2 to 2,724,000 in the current quarter. Balarama at No. 3 has seen a steep 17.44 per cent decline in its readership. The magazine has recorded an AIR of 1,008,000 in Q3, as against an AIR of 1,221,000 in the previous quarter.

Both Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika and Mathrubhumi Thozhil Vartha see decline in AIR of 7.37 per cent and 8.88 per cent, respectively. Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika’s AIR has slipped from 1,058,000 in Q2 to 980,000 in Q3, while Mathrubhumi Thozhil Vartha has declined from 845,000 in Q2 to 770,000 in the current quarter.

Among the next five periodicals, Grihalakshmi has seen growth in AIR from 667,000 in Q2 to 698,000 in Q3, a hike of 4.65 per cent.

Manorama Thozil Veedhi and Arogyam have both declined by 6.61 per cent and 1.29 per cent, respectively. Mangalam and Balabhumi have both de-grown steeply by 15.92 per cent and 16.56 per cent, respectively.

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