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IRS Q3 2010: Decline trend continues for magazines; top ranking remains unchanged

IRS Q3 2010: Decline trend continues for magazines; top ranking remains unchanged

Author | Nitin Pandey | Monday, Dec 06,2010 7:14 PM

IRS Q3 2010: Decline trend continues for magazines; top ranking remains unchanged

The IRS Q3 2010 results, declared on December 2, 2010, see no major changes in the ranking of the top five magazines, with Malayalam fortnightly magazine Vanitha leading the list. However, seven out of the top ten magazines have seen negative growth in Average Issue Readership (AIR) in this quarter.

Among the top five magazines, three have witnessed positive growth in AIR in this quarter.

Vanitha, which remains in the top position with an AIR of 2,724,000 in Q3, has seen a marginal drop of 0.98 per cent from the IRS Q2 2010 figures of 2,751,000. Saras Salil at No. 2, too, has seen a drop in its AIR from 2,045,000 in Q2 to 2,007,000 in this quarter, a drop of 1.86 per cent. Hindi monthly Pratiyogita Darpan has registered an AIR of 1,906,000, a growth of 5.71 per cent over the Q2 figures of 1,80,3000. This is the highest growth seen among the top 10 magazines.

India Today (English) is the only English publication among the top 10 magazines and has seen a marginal growth in AIR of 0.51 per cent – from 1,771,000 in Q2 to 1,780,000 in this quarter.

Malayala Manorama (weekly) has also seen a growth in AIR and has jumped in ranking from ninth position to fifth as per the IRS Q3 2010 results. The weekly magazine has scored an AIR of 1,276,000, as against an AIR of 1217,000 in the previous quarter.

Compared to its English version, India Today Hindi has seen a fall of 6.00 per cent in AIR from 1,301,000 in Q2 to 1,223,000 in this quarter and has slipped in rankings from fourth position to sixth.

Weekly Kumudam has received an AIR of 1,167,000, a fall of 8.33 per cent from its Q2 figures of 1,273,000. Meri Saheli has seen the steepest fall among the top magazines of 8.62 per cent – from 1,265,000 in Q2 to 1,156,000 in this quarter.

Grih Shobha and Cricket Samrat, too, have seen drop in AIR in this quarter of the IRS. While Grih Shobha has seen an AIR of 1,151,000 in Q3 (a fall of 2.52 per cent), Cricket Samrat has received an AIR of 1,085,000 (a marginal drop of 0.18 per cent).

[The mentioned readership figures are Average Issue Readership (AIR) figures, Total Readership (TR) may vary. After various discussions with advertisers and media buyers, as a policy exchange4media uses only AIR numbers.]


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