IRS Q2 2010: Gujarat sees a reversal of decline trend

IRS Q2 2010: Gujarat sees a reversal of decline trend

Author | Cassandra Serpes | Tuesday, Aug 31,2010 8:16 AM

IRS Q2 2010: Gujarat sees a reversal of decline trend

Publications in Gujarat have fared much better than most states, which have witnessed a general decline trend in average issue readership (AIR) or a mixed bag, at the most. Just one of the top five dailies has seen a decline in AIR. Magazines, too, have seen growth.

Ironically, it is the No. 1 daily in the state, Gujarat Samachar, that has witnessed a decline in its AIR, from 4,562,000 in Q1 to 4,506,000 in the current quarter, a dip of 1.23 per cent.

Divya Bhaskar, the second largest newspaper in Gujarat, has seen an AIR of 3,366,000, up 4.24 per cent. Sandesh is the No. 3 player with a marginal rise of 0.16 per cent in AIR at 3,127,000. Gujarat Mitra and Darpan share the fifth place with a growth of 1.64 per cent.

The Times of India is the highest read English daily in Gujarat with an AIR of 232,000, recording a growth of 5.94 per cent. The paper is placed fourth among the top five dailies.

Magazines, too, have witnessed a growth story in Gujarat. Chitralekha (Guj) is the No. 1 magazine in the state with an AIR of 96,000 in Q2 as opposed to 77,000 in Q1, registering a massive growth of 24.68 per cent.

Grih Shobha (Guj), at second spot, has grown by 1.43 per cent, recording an AIR of 71,000, while Abhiyaan has grown by 8 per cent.

India Today English and India Today Hindi occupy the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, among the magazines. India Today English, too, has seen a mammoth growth of 24.74 per cent, registering an AIR of 28,000. Meanwhile, India Today Hindi has seen a growth of 4.76 per cent in its readership at 22,000.

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