IRS 2012 Q4: Nine out of 10 English magazines lose readership

IRS 2012 Q4: Nine out of 10 English magazines lose readership

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Mar 30,2013 8:28 PM

IRS 2012 Q4: Nine out of 10 English magazines lose readership

Publisher worries continue as nine out of 10 English magazine’s Average Issue Readership (AIR) has declined this quarter. The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012 Q3 data had registered seven English magazines losing readership.

Though India Today is sitting at the top in the ranking, the magazine has lost 46,000 readers this quarter. The weekly magazine had recorded an AIR of 1,526,000 in Q3 and after losing readers in current quarter, the AIR of the magazine is 1,480,000.

Monthly magazine General Knowledge Today is the second largest magazine to lose readers among the top ten. The monthly had recorded an AIR of 1,047,000 in Q3 but has lost 54,000 readers in this quarter, with AIR of 993,000 in IRS Q4 2012.

In the third position, Reader's Digest registered the steepest decline in readership. It has lost 58,000 readers. The AIR of the monthly magazine was 1,016,000 in Q3 but is down to 958,000 in Q4.

Competition Success Review lost 33,000 readers this quarter. The monthly had AIR of 703,000 in the previous quarter, whereas after witnessing a huge decline, the current AIR is 670,000 in Q4.

Weekly magazine Outlook has lost 23,000 readers. The current AIR of the magazine is 451,000 in comparison of 474,000 in Q3.

The only silver lining is for the English magazine industry, though very faint, is that Pratiyogita Darpan has gained 14,000 readers – the only English Magazine to gain readership. It has also climbed to number 6 position this quarter as against to number 8 position in Q3. Its AIR this quarter is 431,000.

The Week has lost 10,000 readers in IRS 2012 Q4. It has also slipped down one position i.e. number seven.

In the previous quarter, Stardust was at number seven but in IRS Q4, the film magazine lost 14,000 readers and slipped to number eight position.

There is no change in the ranking in the last two positions. Business Today sits at number nine, after losing 3,000 readers and Wisdom at number 10, after losing 12,000 readers in the current quarter.

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