IRS 2012 Q4: It’s bad news for Lokmat, Dinakaran & Daily Thanthi

IRS 2012 Q4: It’s bad news for Lokmat, Dinakaran & Daily Thanthi

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Mar 30,2013 8:35 PM

IRS 2012 Q4: It’s bad news for Lokmat, Dinakaran & Daily Thanthi

The entire industry is chanting one slogan ‘Regional is the new national’ but when it comes to IRS results, the picture is different.

Six of 10 regional dailies have witnesses decline in readership in IRS 2012 Q4. Also, the four that have seen increase, have only seen marginal growth.

Malayala Manorama retains top position, seeing increase of 8,000 AIR in the current quarter. In Q3 AIR of Malayala Manorama was 9,752,000, whereas in Q4 it is 9,760,000.

Daily Thanthi, though it managed to retain the second spot in Q4, lost a huge number of readers – 83,000. In the previous quarter, Daily Thanthi has readership of 7,417,000, which came down to 7,334,000 in IRS Q4.

Lokmat witnessed the steepest fall – losing 96,000 readers, but still managed to retain third position. The Marathi daily had also lost 98,000 in the previous quarter. The AIR of Lokmat in previous quarter was 7,409,000, which decreased to 7,313,000 in Q4.

Mathrubhumi also lost 81,000 readers; its AIR decreased from 6,415,000 in Q3 to 6,334,000 in Q4.

On the other hand, it’s a growth story for Eenadu; it has managed to add 15,000 readers, taking its AIR to 5,972,000 in Q4 from 5,957,000 in Q3.

Ananda Bazar Patrika has lost 38,000 readers in this quarter, taking its AIR of 5,788,000 in Q3 to 5,750,000 in Q4.

In the seventh spot, Sakshi has added a good number of readers in the current quarter. In the last quarter, it had added 37,000 readers, whereas in this quarter it has added 36,000 readers, increasing AIR from 5,343,000 in Q3 to 5,379,000 in Q4.

In eight place, Gujarat Samachar has seen decline of 39,000 readers. In the previous quarter, AIR of Gujarat Samachar was 5,153,000, which has declined to 5,114,000 in the current quarter.

Though Dinakaran is in ninth position, it has seen decline of 96,000 readers in the current quarter. The AIR was 4,912,000 in Q3, whereas the current AIR is 4,816,000

In last place, Daily Sakal has seen maximum growth in readership, gaining readership of 66,000. Sakal AIR has increased to 4,469,000 in Q4 from 4,403,000 in Q4.

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