IRS 2011 Q4: Strong growth for TOI, Hindu, HT

IRS 2011 Q4: Strong growth for TOI, Hindu, HT

Author | Shanta Saikia | Tuesday, Mar 06,2012 7:36 AM

IRS 2011 Q4: Strong growth for TOI, Hindu, HT

IRS 2011 Q4 results have brought much cheer to the top 10 English dailies’ camp with seven dailies seeing growth in their Average Issue Readership (AIR). However, The Economic Times and The Tribune have slid in the rankings, seeing decline in their AIR in the process.

The Times of India leads the list with an AIR of 7,616,000, up 2 per cent from the AIR of 7,467,000 in IRS 2011 Q3. The paper added 149,000 readers during the quarter.

Hindustan Times follows with an AIR of 3,791,000 in this quarter, up from an AIR of 3733,000 in the previous quarter. The paper added 58,000 readers during the quarter, seeing a growth of 1.5 per cent.

The Hindu, placed third, has seen 3.27 per cent growth in its AIR at 2,240,000 in Q4. The paper added 71,000 readers during the quarter. The Telegraph has seen a marginal growth in AIR from 1,266,000 in IRS 2011 Q3 to 1,273,000 in this quarter.

Deccan Chronicle, on the other hand, has lost 60,000 readers during the quarter. The paper’s Q4 AIR stands at 1,034,000, down from 1,094,000 in the previous quarter, down 5.48 per cent.

DNA and Mumbai Mirror have seen growth in AIR numbers. DNA’s Q4 AIR stands at 897,000, while Mumbai Mirror has recorded an AIR of 803,000, a growth of 5.65 per cent, the highest among the top English dailies. Mumbai Mirror moves up a step to be ranked seventh amongst the top English dailies, in the process surpassing The Economic Times, which has seen a decline in its AIR. The only business daily in the list has recorded an AIR of 790,000 in IRS Q4, losing 22,000 readers in the quarter, a decline of 2.7 per cent.

New Indian Express, which was ranked tenth in IRS 2011 Q3, has moved up a notch to No. 9 with an AIR of 637,000, adding 44,000 readers in the process.

The Tribune has seen a marginal dip in its AIR at 585,000 and has lost 14,000 readers during the quarter. The paper has slid one notch to be ranked tenth in this quarter.

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