IRS 2011 Q4: English magazine industry booming

IRS 2011 Q4: English magazine industry booming

Author | Abid Hasan | Friday, Mar 09,2012 9:20 AM

IRS 2011 Q4: English magazine industry booming

The IRS report of the current quarter highlights that the English magazine industry is seeing tremendous growth. Eight of the top 10 magazines have seen growth in Average Issue Readership (AIR) as per the IRS 2011 Q4 results. New entrant in the list Pratiyogita Darpan has clinched the seventh position.

India Today is leads the English magazine domain. However it has seen a decline of 1.53 per cent in AIR at 1,611,000 in Q4 as compared to 1,636,000 in the previous quarter.

General Knowledge Today and Readers Digest have got the second and third place respectively. General Knowledge Today has seen a slight growth of 0.46 per cent in AIR at 1,092,000 in Q4 as compared to 1,087,000 in the previous quarter. In the third slot Readers digest has seen an increase in readership by 6.1 per cent in AIR at 1,058,000 inQ4 as against 9, 98,000 in the previous quarter.

Monthly magazine, Competition Success Review at fourth position, has seen a growth in AIR of 6.09 per cent. Its readership stood at 697000 in Q4 as against 657000 in previous quarter.

Outlook has clinched the fifth spot but in AIR it has shown tremendous growth of 9.68 per cent – 487000 in Q4 as against 444000 in the previous quarter.

The Week is at the sixth position but has gained the top position at AIR with the growth of 13.18 per cent. It showed a jump from 387000 in Q3 to 438000 in Q4.

Entertainment magazine, Stardust, has gained AIR of 4.68 per cent from previous quarter’s readership of 385000. It secured eighth position.

The fortnightly, Business Today and monthly, Wisdom have got the ninth and tenth position respectively. Business today saw an increase in AIR with 3.48 per cent from 345000 in previous quarter. Wisdom has increased AIR with 2.83 per cent at 327000 in Q4 as against 318000 in the previous quarter.

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