IRS 2010 Q4: Growth restored for English dailies in Delhi & NCR

IRS 2010 Q4: Growth restored for English dailies in Delhi & NCR

Author | Nitin Pandey | Tuesday, Mar 15,2011 11:06 AM

IRS 2010 Q4: Growth restored for English dailies in Delhi & NCR

The Indian Readership Survey 2010 Q4 does not paint a very different ranking picture for English dailies in Delhi. The good news from Q4 though, is that most dailies have shown positive growth in readership. As per IRS 2010 Q4, all top five dailies have seen decent growth in the readership figures. It can be recalled that in the Q3 results, for the Delhi market, four out of top five dailies had seen negative growth in AIR (Average Issue Readership) numbers.

The IRS gives two numbers in the Delhi market – Delhi and Delhi urban. A closer look at the performance of English dailies in these markets shows stronger readership for top dailies in the Delhi Urban market.

Delhi: Growth Restored…
The Hindustan Times (HT) has maintained its top ranking in the Delhi market with an AIR of 19.2 Lac, a growth of 0.31 per cent as compared to IRS Q3 AIR number of 19.14 Lac.

A growth of 2.10 per cent over the last quarter has allowed The Times of India (TOI) to register an AIR of 18.95 Lac in Q4 from the Q3 figure of 18.56 Lac – in short holding on to its second position.

Compact daily Mail Today with a 3.48 per cent growth as against the IRS 2010 Q3, continues on its number three position with an AIR of 2.08 Lac.

Business dailies, The Economics Times and Mint, with an AIR 1.85 Lac and 1.24 Lac respectively, too have managed growth in readership in Delhi.

Delhi Urban: HT replaces TOI on top…
HT, with an AIR of 21.97 Lac (2.38 per cent growth over Q3), has snatched the first position from TOI in the Q4. Last round HT’s AIR figure was 21.46 Lac. In Q3, with an AIR figure of 21.51 Lac, TOI was leading the Delhi Urban market. In Q4, TOI’s AIR figure is 21.77 Lac.

Business daily, The Economic Times, with a marginal growth of 0.93 per cent in readership, has registered an AIR count of 2.17 Lac in Delhi Urban.

Mail Today and Mint have registered a growth of 3.48 per cent and 7.30 per cent respectively in this market. Mail Today’s AIR figure in Q4 is 2.08 Lac and Mint is at 1.37 Lac.


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