IRS 2010 Q1: Most business publications see growth

IRS 2010 Q1: Most business publications see growth

Author | Cassandra Serpes | Wednesday, May 05,2010 8:48 AM

IRS 2010 Q1: Most business publications see growth

While debates on readership figures may continue, it is heartening to see that most business publications have seen a growth in their AIR (Average Issue Readership) as per the IRS 2010 Q1 data. Economic Times stays put at the No. 1 position among business dailies, while Business Today leads among the business magazines.

Business dailies

According to IRS Q1 2010 data, two out of the five business dailies whose numbers have been released show a decline in readership. The Economic Times which is the leading publication of the country has maintained a considerable lead the sector with its Average Issue Readership (AIR) growing from 757,000 in R2 2009 to 760,000 in Q1 2010 which is a 0.40 per cent change as compared to the 3.32 per cent drop it saw last year.

Mint, which follows in the number two spot, has seen a 0.63 drop in AIR from a readership of 1,59,000 in R2 2009 to 1,58,000 in Q1 2010. The publication has done fairly well this round as compared to its 9.14 per cent drop last round. The readership of Business Standard has dropped from 1,48,000 in R2 2009 to 1,31,000 in Q1 2010 which is a 11.49 per cent drop in its average issue readership.

While The Hindu Business Line last time around had seen a growth of 9.73 per cent, this time in the Q1 2010 survey, it is shown to have no growth and has remained stagnant at 1,24,000. Unlike the figures of The Hindu Business Line, The Financial Express has seen a growth of 21.05 per cent its average issue readership moving from 38,000 in R2 2009 t0 46,000 in Q1 2010.

Business magazines

Magazine as a genre has always shown decline, but this time around only two out of the six English business magazines have shown decline thus making the picture not so grim for the magazines.

Business Today continues to top the charts. However, unlike the last round where its readership dropped by six percent, the magazine has seen a 20.37 per cent growth in its average issue readership its numbers growing from 2,70,000 in R2 2009 to 3,25,000 in Q1 2010. Business India is on the second spot, and from a readership number of 2,16,000 in the last round its number have grown to 2,29,000 this round which is a 6.02 per cent growth in its AIR.

Outlook Business, has shown a 2.76 per cent growth, which is small as compared to its almost a 10 per cent growth shown in the last round. The publication has grown from 1,81,000 last round to 1,86,000 in Q1 2010. Business World on the other hand has registered a decline of 9.43 per cent moving from 1,59,000 in the last round to 1,44,000 this round.

Outlook Money has grown from 1,05,000 to 1,09,000 which is a 3.81 per cent increase in Average Issue Readership. Business and Economy has declined in its AIR number from 94,000 to 82,000 which is a 12.77 per cent decline.

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