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IRS 2010 Q1: Mixed bag for Assamese publications; dailies see growth, all magazines dip

IRS 2010 Q1: Mixed bag for Assamese publications; dailies see growth, all magazines dip

Author | Cassandra Serpes | Saturday, May 08,2010 8:31 AM

IRS 2010 Q1: Mixed bag for Assamese publications; dailies see growth, all magazines dip

As per the IRS 2010 Q1 data, Assamese publications continue to see a general decline pattern. However, dailies have somewhat stemmed the decline seen in the previous round, with three of the top five dailies registering growth in AIR. No such luck for the magazines though, all of which have seen their AIR go down in the latest round as well.

Asomiya Pratidin at No. 1 maintains its massive lead among Assamese dailies with an AIR of 1,230,000 in IRS 2010 Q1, as against 1,225,000 in IRS 2009 R2. The publication has seen a 0.41 per cent growth in this round as compared to a 2.00 per cent decline in R2 2009.

Asomiya Khabar, the second most read newspaper, has seen the maximum growth in AIR among the top five Assamese dailies at 19.09 per cent, as against a decline of 1.59 per cent drop in the previous round. The publication has registered an AIR of 443,000 in IRS 2010 Q1 from 372,000 in IRS 2009 R2.

On the other hand, Dainik Agradoot has yet again seen a decline of 4.35 per cent in AIR from 345,000 in IRS 2010 R2 to 330,000 in this round. The publication had seen a decline of 4.70 per cent in the last round.

Sadin, at fourth position, witnessed a growth of 6.42 per cent, which is a good improvement as compared to its sharp decline of 12.94 per cent in the last round. The publication has moved from an AIR of 296,000 in IRS 2009 R2 to 315,000 in this round. However, Amar Asom at No. 5 has registered a decline of 4.31 per cent from 255,000 in the previous round to 244,000 in IRS 2010 Q1.

Assamese magazines see red

Assamese magazines continue to witness decline in AIR in this round as well. The only respite, if one can call that, is that compared to the double digit decline registered by most magazines in IRS 2009 R2, this round is slightly better.

Bismoi continues to lead among Assamese magazines with an AIR of 378,000, down from 409,000 in IRS 2009 R2, a decline of 7.58 per cent. In IRS 2009 R2, the magazine had seen a 14.26 per cent drop. Nandini, which was at No. 3 in the last round, has become the second most read magazine in IRS 2010 Q1. Despite this climb, the publication has witnessed a marginal decline in AIR of 0.38 per cent drop - from 262,000 in IRS 2009 R2 to 261,000 in this round. In the previous round, the magazine had seen a massive drop of 14.10 per cent.

Priyo Sakhi, too, has witnessed an 8.75 per cent drop with its AIR - from of 263,000 in IRS 2009 R2 to 240,000 in the latest round.

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