IRS 2007 R1: Southern dailies too suffer fall in readership

IRS 2007 R1: Southern dailies too suffer fall in readership

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Monday, Mar 26,2007 9:14 AM

IRS 2007 R1: Southern dailies too suffer fall in readership

It’s not just the English, Hindi and Gujarati papers that have seen a fall in readership during the recent round of the Indian Readership Survey. South Indian newspapers, too, have seen a considerable fall in readers, with Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada newspapers losing readership.


Among Tamil papers, Daily Thanthi leads the market with a readership figure of 83,51,000, even though its readership dropped by 10 per cent during this round. Dinakaran follows next with a total of 57,93,000 and a surprisingly high readership growth of almost 44 per cent.

Dinamalar has 39,69,000 readers, although its readership reduced by 17 per cent, while Kumudam arrived at a readership figure of 21,30,000 after a 17 per cent fall. Ananda Vikatan has a readership of 18,98,000 and a 14 per cent drop in readership. Kungumam has a readership of 18,14,000 and saw a large decline in readership percentage this year too. The paper’s readership fell by over 30 per cent this year.

Malai Malar has a readership of 8,09,000, which is over 23 per cent lower than what it was in the last round. Dinamani has a readership of 7,26,000; which is 23 per cent lower than the last round.

Junior Vikatan has a readership of 6,63,000 and was not measured during the last round of IRS. Mangayar Malar’s readership has also fallen by 24 per cent, and its current readership figure is 5,09,000.


Among Telegu newspapers, Eenadu leads with 72,33,000 readers with a comparatively low loss of readership, which fell only by four per cent. Vartha follows next with 23,92,000 readers and a 14 per cent fall in its readership.

Andhra Jyoti has 21,00,000 readers and it observed a drop of only five per cent of its readership. Swati Sapari Vara Patrika’s readership grew by three per cent during this round and enjoys a total of 10,69,000 readers. Andhra Bhoomi’s readership dropped by 14 per cent and has a readership of 5,45,000 readers, while India Today (Telegu) has a readership of 2,26,000, which is 16 per cent lower than that of last year.

Swati has a readership of 2,03,000 readers and its readership dropped only by 1.5 per cent since the last round. Andhra Prabha has seen a readership figure of 1,59,000, which is almost five per cent lower than the previous. Sitara’s readership has fallen by 17 per cent and it currently has 1,51,000 readers. Annadata has a readership of 1,49,000 with a fall in readership by three per cent.


Among Malayalam newspapers, Malayala Manorama still continues to rule the daily market with 88,37,000 readers. The paper has seen a drop of three per cent in its readership since the last round. Following Malayala Manorama is Mathrubhumi, which has a total of 69,61,000 readers and a seven per cent drop in its readership.

Vanitha (Malayalam) has also seen a drop of seven percent in its readership and has a total of 30,67,000 readers currently. Malayala Manorama’s Weekly paper follows next with a readership of 22,94,000 readers, short of eight per cent of its readers from the last round. Balarama’s readership has dropped by six per cent, with its current readership figure as 21,24,000 readers; while Deshabhimani’s readership is 19,42,000, which has dropped by six per cent as well.

Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika and Grihalakshmi have seen a fall in their readerships by about six per cent each. Currently, Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika has a readership of 13,55,000 readers and Grihalakshmi has 11,27,000 readers. Mangalam, which has a readership of 9,98,000 readers, saw a fall of 10 per cent in its readership.

Mathrubhumi Thozhil Vartha, with the lowest readership among Malayalam papers, saw its readership fall by three per cent and currently has 9,25,000 readers.


Vijay Karnataka leads among the Kannada papers with a readership figure of 46,34,000 readers, although its readership fell by 13 per cent this time round. Prajavani follows with 27,01,000 and a fall of 12 per cent. Udayavani has a readership of 11,61,000 readers, falling by almost 12 per cent.

Samyukta Karnataka has a readership of 11,46,000 and has seen a drop of 17 per cent in its readership, while Kannada Prabha has 7,10,000 readers and a marginal growth of around 1.3 per cent. Sudha fell by 12 per cent and has a current readership of 5,52,000. Grihshobha, too, has seen a drop in its readership to 4,13,000, by almost 13 per cent from the last round.

Taranga dropped to 4,02,000 readers as well, which is 20 per cent lower than last year, while Mangala’s readership dropped by three percent and has a readership of 3,91,000. Usha Kiran’s readership also dropped by 12 per cent and currently has 3,03,000 readers.

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