IRS 2005 R-2: It’s not all bad news for Malayalam publications

IRS 2005 R-2: It’s not all bad news for Malayalam publications

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Oct 18,2005 7:53 AM

IRS 2005 R-2: It’s not all bad news for Malayalam publications

Malayalam publications are not really in a good phase at present, with both National Readership Survey (NRS) 2005 and Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2005, Round 2 showing a dip for the segment. However, IRS still offers some consolation for the publications with both Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhumi showing growth.

IRS 2005 R-2 shows Malayala Manorama as the clear leader with a readership of 9,426,000, which is a 6 per cent increase from its previous figure. Mathrubhumi, too, sees a similar increase and is currently at 8,042,000. The other players in the segment have, however, shown a decrease except Deepika, which shows a modest readership of 396,000, a 10 per cent increase from the previous year.

Among publications that have dipped is Deshabhimani, the third player of the segment, which has dropped by 11 per cent and has a current readership of 1,937,000. Mangalam (1,912,000) and Madhyamam (1,214,000) have dropped by 20 per cent and 1 per cent, respectively. Kerala Kumudi has dropped by 16 per cent, with a current readership of 995,000.

Definitely better results that the NRS 2005, and the leading publications are happy too. Said Varghese Chandy, GM, Marketing, Malayala Manorama, “These numbers show the kind of growth that we are observing. The top line figures are encouraging and coming at a time when Malayalam publications are seeing a dip indicates that we are on the right track.”

“The numbers are in line with market realities,” maintained M V Shreyas Kumar, Director, Mathrubhumi. “We have crossed the 80-lakh mark and that is a significant achievement for us. IRS numbers do seem to be more stable.”

Malayalam magazines have seen a significant drop in readerships. Vanitha (3,995,000), the top player, has dropped by 6 per cent. Malayala Manorama Weekly at 3,207,000 has dropped by 22 per cent, while Balarama (3,065,000) has dropped by 5 per cent.

Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika (218,000) is the only Malayalam magazine (besides Kala Kumudi) to show growth of 3 per cent, while Grihalakshmi is stable at 1,531,000. Apart from these, every other magazine has shown a drop in readership.

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