International media too does a U-turn, goes gaga over CWG opening ceremony

International media too does a U-turn, goes gaga over CWG opening ceremony

Author | Akash Raha | Thursday, Oct 07,2010 8:12 AM

International media too does a U-turn, goes gaga over CWG opening ceremony

The international media, which had also picked up the negative vibes of the pre-Games build-up, have now done a U-turn after the spectacular CWG opening ceremony. Newspapers across the world portrayed the opening ceremony celebrations as breathtaking and at par with the Beijing Olympics ceremony. However, athletes in the stadiums are still greeted with empty stands after all the negative publicity. However, there is news of ticket sales picking up after the rave reviews that the CWG opening ceremony got.

The Daily Telegraph of Australia, which has been severely critical of the Games, ran a headline that said: ‘India delivers Spectacular show’. Another daily, The Australian, said: “Finally, after weeks dominated by the old India of corruption, poverty and chaos, the new ‘Incredible India’ of diversity and cultural pride showed its face.” British newspaper, The Guardian, went with the headline ‘Spectacular ceremony opens games’, whereas The Wall Street Journal said: “The Commonwealth Games kicked off in New Delhi, India, with an opening ceremony worthy of the homeland of Bollywood.”

There was no dearth of appreciation for the CWG from the Pakistani media too. Pakistani daily ‘The News’ said, “Commonwealth Games starts with a spectacular opening ceremony.” Daily Times of Pakistan said that putting behind “Charges of corruption, security fears and shambolic organisation, the 19th Commonwealth Games starts with a spectacular opening ceremony.”

The opening ceremony of the CWG was not without any blemish. Reports of infinitely long queues outside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and ineptitude of the authorities didn’t go un-noticed. The Australian pointed out how the Australian team was treated like ‘cattle’ at the opening ceremony venue. “We were treated like cattle,” said Steve Moneghetti, Australian team boss to the newspaper. “It was disgraceful. I’m not over-exaggerating. We were emotionally affected when we then burst out on to the arena. I’ve no doubt about that,” he added.

Commonwealth Games Federation Chief Mike Fennell was unhappy about the empty stands in stadium too. However, officials expressed hopes that the sale of tickets will pick up in the days to come.

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